Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Kerala Assembly 13th March 2015 -The darkest day of its entire history.

I watched the entire scenes of the incidents in the Kerala assembly on the 13th March 2015.It was more cruel and devilish than we anticipated.In the Kaurava Sabha when Droupadi was insulted ,though Dhrithraashtra was present ,he could not see any thing due to his blindness.But here we have a God fearing CM who was an eye witness and even catalyst for the ugly /unruly show by his partymen.At no time ,Smt Jameela was facing the CM and was well away from him.It was the MLA who forcibly and steadily attacked her in all possible ways.KM Mani was busy eating the laddoos and reading from the HOLY book regarding the greatness of the Lord.There is nothing wrong in the Honourable governor in mentioning the case of article 356 in his report to the Honourable Indian president.Without doubt one can say this reveals the real and ugly faces of our rulers .They should not be in power even for an hour from now and should resign and apologise to the entire people of Kerala.

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