Monday, March 16, 2015

Kerala budget 2015.

Mr KM Mani (Born 30 January 1933 (age 82) Marangattupally, Palai is one of the oldest members of the Kerala assembly.As such he should have set an example by pacifying the opposition MLAs during their agitation by agreeing for an amicable settlement of the issue,which would have made him a STATESMAN.Instead ,he challenged the LDF MLAs and made the assembly a war field for safeguarding his personal ego.The young MLAs in the assembly have got a very obnoxious model from the NONAGENARIAN leader.The food habits and the never ending Greed for amassing wealth will make a person blind.The things will worsen when he has the open support of the Church who are out to kick out Mr Narendra Modi from the PM's chair.They can put Mr KM Mani in the post of PM.

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