Saturday, October 10, 2015


The CPM a revolutionary party is expected to fight for safeguarding the interests of the poorest sections in the society should have taken maximum interest in improving the living conditions of the Adivasis in Attappady and other regions.But even while in power they have not done the right thing.Much could have been done by the Palakkad MP for adopting the region through the Sansad Gramin Yojana of the Union govt no such work is done there.Instead they concentrate on BEEF FESTS,making charges against their politicalrivals etc.Instead of raising serious economic/social issues during elections they use allegations like SURYA NELLI CASE,ICE CREAM PARLOUR CASE,RB PILLA CASE,BEEF FEST,and now the SASWATHIKANANDA CASE.The LDF govt could have conducted a thorough investigation on this case while they were in power for 5 years( 2oo6-20111 ).The party deputes its specialist in presenting such torture cases all through the state where youth will attend the ADULTS ONLY speeches ,with the sole aim of coming to power by misleading the people.But the criminal /corruption /cases against its own leaders will be dumped under the carpet ,saying that the partty level investigation has found them to be baseless.It is high time that the party adopts a healthier approach of taking the people of Kerala in to confidence.

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