Monday, March 16, 2015

The catholic heirarchy is vociferous in demanding the direct involvement of the PM for investigating all criminal incidents in their institutions any where in India.He has asked the state governments to take stern action in all such cases.In one case the theft/attack was shown to have been done by insiders.On last Sunday circulars were read in all churches in the country expressing concerns over the INSECURITY for the Indian church.But this high organisational skill was not seen in helping the novel 'CLEAN INDIA MISSION 'of our dedicated PM.If a similar circular was issued by directing the organised community to make the programme a grand success the whole nation would have appreciated the Church's initiative.In contrast we have seen the rude and uncivilised way in which the Kerala FM read a few lines from a paper claiming it to be the VALUED BUDGET OF KERALA.In the process he celebrated the victory of the Godly CM and FM over the lady MLAs with the help of their body guards .Surprisingly theFM read the paper while eating LADDOOS as if to the depict the incident as the VICTORY OF St,GEORGE over the DRAGON.Shameful act for the whole Keralites

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