Saturday, February 13, 2016

NarendraModi,the true icon of modern India.

In spite of the all out opposition from the combined opposition the single minded PM goes ahead undeterred with his nation building activities .He never blames them for their irresponsible behaviour except for reminding them of their duties in law making.His role as a disciplined RSS worker has helped him to take his work as a mission.He follows the ideals of Swami Vivekananda.The left parties who also talk about the Swamiji just resort to obstructive tactics .

Anti India slogans in JNU ?

It is most unfortunate that this leading educational institution has earned a reputation for the wrong thing.If the scholars there had conducted seminars /discussions on the economic issues to be prioritised by the Union and state governments they would have been heard and respected by all.Instead what we hear from the JNU is agitations and criticisms with distinctly political identity.Who to bell the cat ?

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Paid writers acting as BONDED LABOURERS OF INC/LEFT .

Who told there is no slavery in India.So many elite slaves have been recruited to the INC and LEFT parties at very CHEAP rates of Rs 50000-1 lakh along with a citation.These slaves were presented in many stages ,where they have declared their lifelong loyalty to their MASTERS.When the INC and left parties have been thrown out of power from the centre and also most of the states the slaves have been brought to prominence as' INTELLECTUAlS ' to convince the majority of the Indians that there is total anarchy and fanaticism in India under the BJP rule.The people witness how sincerely the PM Mr Narendra modi is going ahead with his nation building activities ,and how the opposition INC and left parties ,rejected by the Indian voters are desperately trying for a RETURN TO POWER drama.But the drama will be a FLOP.But the silver lining is there as there are many other writers who write fearlessly and in a nonpartisan way.They are not CONTRACT WRITERS.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

India has a parliamentary system where people fearlessly and without any intimidation elect the govt through secret ballot.No party should question the validity of that.The people of WB have dethroned the 4 decades old left rule by electing the TMC govt.The voters of india have given a huge mandate for the Narendra Modi govt.Now the opposition can make healthy criticism about the policies of the BJP govt but without obstructing the functioning of the LS and RS.which have to legislate the programs of the govt.Forcibly preventing such legislations if the opposition paralyse the administration they will be slowly rejected by the people.The CPM secretary should not witness the decimation of that party in Indian politics.

Kerala Varma College,Thrissur

The idea of starting a new college at Thrissur city originated from a committee of prominent citizens of Thrissur, in response to strong public demand. The members of the committee armed with the moral support of the public besides a few promises of financial backing approached His Highness Aikya Keralam Thampuran, the then Maharajah of Kochi. His Highness in his turn was gracious enough to allow free use of the Merry Lodge Palace and the naming of the college as after His Highness, Sree Kerala Varma College.
Motto Asthu Vrittam Subham Sada
Motto in English Pure be My Life for Ever
Established August 11, 1947
Officer in charge K. Jayanarayanan
Location Thrissur City, Kerala, India
Campus Urban
Affiliations University of Calicut
Aikya Keralam Thampuran, Maharaja(King) of erstwhile Kingdom of Kochi, was the founder of the college
A free grant of one lakh rupees and a loan of four lakhs towards capital expenditure and a free grant of two hundred and fifty candies of timber were sanctioned by His Highness The college was initially under the Madras University. The college is now managed by Cochin Devaswom Board, an autonomous organization under the Government of Kerala
.Kerala Varma college has always patronised the growth of thousands of eminent people in all walks of life.It has never stood against the origin and spread of any progressive idea in its long history.The college which started functioning on 11th August 1947 , in the outhouse of the then Maharaja of Cochin was later shifted to the present spacious premises.The then king was so much interested in the education of the people in his land.He donated a large quantity of wood and other materials for the construction of the main block/hostels etc
.The small idol in the form of a temple also was there right from the inception.
Some times the junior teacher who joined the college only 3 years back may not be aware of the past traditions in the institution .She might have been fancied by the’ progressive ideas ‘propagated by her organisation and may have been enamoured by the ‘secular nature ‘of the society.All of us long for such an India where people work single handedly for the welfare of the nation and live in peace
.But in a democracy there may be dissenting voices and they should be raised strongly and loudly .Then only the ruling parties and the general public will know the right approach required for implementing its policies/programs of a govt.
With regard to the unfortunate incidents in UP it goes without saying that each individual has the freedom to eat the food of his/her /choice.There are so many versions about the mishap there and we have to take our own judgement on the matter.But those who protest over it can do so in many democratic means.
But the students in the KV college resorted to a savage style of exhibiting huge quantity of the’ whole body meat ‘in the college premises.A large area was covered with plates /leaves for exhibiting the cut meat pieces.The meat was cooked in the premises and served to the youngsters in great jubilation as if the UP incident has been amply retaliated.But it is a fact that the KV authorities have instructed from the very beginning of the institution that nonvegetarian food should not be cooked in the college premises.The same system has been followed in the Kalady Sree Sankara College also.There may be isolated cases of some students and teachers bringing and eating nonveg items in the premises.But that should not be taken as a general trend followed by all.
It is the senior leaders of the political parties who patronise these feeder organisations .They should give the right guidance for the working of the junior members who are to lead this country in the coming years.If the next generation resort to more aggressive /savage/means for agitations the working of true democracy will be only a distant dream.Our democracy may get replaced by armed revolt or dictatorship which is not India's tradition from ancient times.
Right from the age of EPICS we had the stages of Ascending the throne,Serving the people during the tenure in the throne and Renunciation ( Vanaprastha) Butmost of our present day leaders want to snatch the throne by ditching others and continuing there till death.Renunciation is not in their blood.
Let us make the present youth more sensible ,accomodative and selective in their dealings in society where diverse opinions always come up.It should be wisdom and not wild justice which should rule us.JAI HIND.
The people who make a great hue and cry over the 'BAN ON COW SLAUGHTER 'do not hail or support the revolutionary idea of 'CLEAN INDIA MISSION 'launched by the prime minister Mr Narendra Modi.If all parties had cooperated much could have been done in that direction .I feel much of the present BAD BLOOD in our political field could have been avoided by a people oriented response by our political leaders. .If there is united action in any particular field it would help prevent the division of parties on silly issues.At least on some vital issues the iron curtain between the ruling party and the opposition should vanish.Other wise neither our country nor our democracy will progress.
The noble CEO of the nation has spoken out his mind.It is for the 'True lovers of Indians to extend unreserved cooperation to him in solving the myriads of problems that face the country and its people.No party should adopt NEGATIVISM alone as their agenda.It is not Modi's India alone.It is high time that the name 'OPPOSITION ' should stand for a mix of healthy cooperation and constructive criticism.An all out effort for preventing a govt from going ahead with any legislative business will not help the opposition as the people here are not fools ,and watching all such developments closely so as to respond at the right time.The mentality of 'AFTER ME DELUGE 'adopted by the INC will weaken it further.