Wednesday, June 20, 2012

                 T P Chandrasekharan’s murder and the CPM
After the RMP leader’s murder,when pointers have been made against a few CPM activists,the party has vehemently denied these allegations.
They have issued several statements.In one it points out that none of the culprits belong to the CPM cadres.The party is not at all connected with this murder.The CPM has no issues  against  TPC which necessitates such a murder move.
In another it resists the attempt of the ruling UDF to get some CPM workers as culprits and the party would strongly resist such a malicious move.It will fight the case legally and politically.
Yet a third statement issued says if the enquiry at the party level reveals the involvement of any party activists, stringent action will be taken against such members.
The common man in Kerala is totally confused over these contradictorystatements.
Which is the real picture?As a cadre party with  a very strong mass base  and a well lubricated party machinery,it cannot be difficult for the party to  identify the real culprits.The party bosses have already a clear picture as to the involvement of any party cadres in the crime.If the party wants to retain its credibility among the people of Kerala,it should distance itself from the murder case.If the party takes action against those who are convicted by the courts,it will be seen as a vain attempt to retain the image of the party.   The party will be a heavy loser of faith in the people’s mind.Late administration of a medicine will have no effect on the patient.

                                              Politics and Nonpolitics
In recent years  we here frequently the call by several political leaders exhorting the people to join the move by their parties to launch a tirade against their political opponents.When we remain passive to these calls they criticize us as being nonpolitical and cowards.In their opinion the only aim of our life is promoting the cause for which they stand.When they move from the ruling setup to the opposition or viceversa,we also have to move likewise.If we remain noncommited they want us to take a clear political stand.But if our political stand is not in the same wavelength as theirs they will tarnish our image.In short they want all peopleto support their views irrespective of the merit of the cause.
              In this age of technological advances in all spheres of our lives ,it is impossible to negate the influence of the media.We depend on the channels or mobile phones to get the latest goings around us.The internet helps us to know about the happenings across the world at the press of the mouse.We not only see but also hear live how the leaders speak at public platforms .The most abusive manner in which they speak and show bodilyactions is being viewed live by thousands.The leaders entertain the press reporters well in advance to give wide coverage to the speech.When these vulgar speeches lead to strong protests from the public they will plead innocence,and argue that the media has twisted the speech .They will give new meanings for the abusive words from their own dictionary.
   Similarly in the case of atrocities against women a leader will deliver firing speeches against this heinous act.But he himself will mentally torture ladies  with more abusive language.When a leader vows to take a political opponent to the highest court by spending crores,he remains silent on many similar crimes commited by his party colleagues.Land mafia in some cases are woes but in some other cases they are friends.While dealing with corruption also the same double standard is adopted.
           When these gimmicks are being stagemanaged without an interruption the voters sit and think as to what stand is to be taken.He will not disclose it to the party bosses as they feel such an exercise is futile.He will slowly withdraw from the rallies or hartals or effigy burnings or picketing and stonethrowing dramme well directed by the parties .The leaders now complain about the nonpolitical attitude among the voters .They want all the people to come forward to become martyrs during such violent agitations sothat the leaders can contest and win elections with huge margins.As a consolation they will come to the house of the martyr with a well decorated reath with the accompaniment of the channel reporters and caparisoned elephants and band sets.By placing a garland on the photo of the martyr is the end of the show.The martyr’s role is over and the party leaders  reach top positions TO SERVE THE PEOPLE.As they have no parliamentary greed they will plead to the party to releave them from the present position.But the party dicides to elevate them to the role of a minister or MP.As   most loyal worker s they  will accept the party dicision.
                              As  a country with multiparty political system,people have chosen to elect several combinations to power on various occasions.This has happened because the Indian voter is politically conscious.To describe them as nonpolitical is ignorance or illmotivated.If you convince the voters with your own  wellspeltout policies and actions they will vote for you.Otherwise you will end up with a fool’s dream.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In the recent past,there have been many instances where several politicians have trapped themselves in very awkward situations following the remarks  made during their public utterances.They have shown the ridiculous ( ? )response of denying their own speech or giving novel meanings  which reveals the shameless manner of disowning one’s own child.
       This tendency has not been limited to the ruling party or opposition leaders.Many of them who want to have a one upmanship have ignored the fact that their utterances are heard and seen live by lakhs of people.When there is a denial of these words by the leaders the very next day,even the hardcore supporters will feel  a delicacy in defending the leader.These leaders need not enrich our language with new meanings.Malayalam will remain a rich language if they do not make their RICH contributions.If their contributions are incorporated in our dictionaries Malayalam will have only slang words.
         The worth of a leader does not depend on the number of criminal cases registered against him/her for assaulting policemen,number of effigies they have burned,number of hartals or bundhs they have thrust on the people,or the   exhibition of their body parts in the assembly.It just depends on the consistent stand taken by them on each issue concerning the people  no matter whether the y are in the ruling party or opposition.When a situation warrants they have to express their genuine stand .Militancy in the parties will only increase corruption and misrule.An opposition party which terms  the fall of  a ministry by crossvoting by a member from the treasury benches as an example of  idealism and pro-,people stand ,does not endorse a similar action  when they  are in government.
    We have seen in the recent years how the atrocities against women have been handled by some eminent ( ? )leaders .They wage a crusade against the political opponents but keep mum  in cases where their own partymen are involved .
          It is hightime that the political parties give a study class to their leaders first , making them aware of the influence of the VISUAL MEDIA  among the masses.When you hear and see the recorded version of your own speech,don’t you feel ashamed ?The time of blind belief in anyp articularpartyisover.There is nothing like a solid vote bank.Just as the ozone depletion has led to the melting of ice ,the depletion of morality among political parties have led to the melting of confidence  by the people on the parties.
    Mobile phones/cameras,TV channels,surveillance cameras etc have added to your advantage and also responsibilities.Beware.ETERNAL VIGILANCE IS THE PRICE FOR DEMOCRACY.Let us be vigilant always and not blind followers. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

                           God helps those who help themselves
The media published the visuals of Sri.Thottathil Radhakrishnan,(Judge,Kerala High court )cleng the lane in front of his housein Ernakulam,to clear the water logging there.Really a commentable deed from his part.He could have gone to the HC on Monday and directed through an order to direct the local body to clear the same in 2 or 3 days and kept quiet.But being a very sensible person ,he knew what should be done for immediate solution of the problem.He did this while  it was raining there .
          His action should be an eye opener to all the political leaders including Sri VS Achuthanandan who has a single point agenda of settling scores with PK Kunjalikutty.He is ready to goto anylevel and spend crores of rupees for engaging supremecourt lawyers for arguing the case.
     It is good for Sri VS to realize that it is his nonstop sensational talks with sarcastic actions which has led to the widespread Sthreepeeddhanams in Kerala especially during the last 2 years.Even a 5 or 6 year old child who views the channels has to hear and see this performance of their  Honourable Chief Minister.It seems he has become the brand ambassador in this field.Similarly his (ill)famous ‘vettiniratthal of crops cultivated by ariculturists facing all sorts of obstacles including shortage of local labourers  has  added  to the miseries of the farmers here.
    But at the sametime he tries to scuttle all enquiries against his own relatives and partymen terming them as ‘Politically motivated’.Today hisown protege Sri Prabhath Patnaik has come down heavily on the recent goings in the CPM. The recent setback in the bye election in  Neyyattinkara  should have been an eyeopener to the party bosses.But they claim that the position of the party is stronger now than before the election.Will the party wait till a WestBengal type of electoral defeat to have a rethinking about its shortcomings?
   The best way for Sri VS in the evening of his life is to do something really good for his people in Kerala.He should coordinate all the vibrant youth of this state with his sincere call to join a united action for cleaning the nook and corners of this ‘God’s own country ‘in a time bound manner.I am sure he will get mass popular support for such an action plan.I extend my wholehearted involvement in such a project.If we all work together,Kerala could clear all it’s waste dumbings in a few days.The stategovernment and the central government will sanction the required funds ,as it helps to free this state from an eternal menace.Sri VS will then realize that it is this initiative which has helped him to realize and bring out the best in him.
Meanwhile the state government and local bodies should evolve a permanent technology to process the waste on a regular basis so that Kerala will remain a chief destination for tourists.Our own people can lead a healthier life.