Sunday, May 18, 2014

Connecting the old gold and the new workmanship.

Connecting the old gold and the new workmanship.
Now that Mr NarendraModi is  put strongly on the saddles of power he can start his grand designs for the speedy and inclusive development of the whole subcontinent.He himself is bestowed with an immense treasure of imaginations where we can / and should /contribute our small suggestions .From my side I have 2 humble suggestions.
For the fast improvement in the area  of cultivable land and to increase the number of crops per year,there is urgent need for irrigation facilities.This can be done by making small checkdams in small rivers and promoting lift irrigation/well irrigation.As a long term strategy the major rivers canbe linked together ( a pet idea of the late VKRV Rao ).This will double the agri.production in a few years.
The govt should  start a  scheme  Balaram Anna Yojana ,( after the early puranic farmer,Balaram of Madhura.)aimed at cultivation of all cultivable vacant lands in the public or private ownership.This can be done by giving expert  farming advices to the owners or allowing farmers/cooperatives to lease out land with some governmental  assistance.By this we will become self sufficient in food items and can even export a sizable quantity of some agricultural produces.
In every state there should be 2 broad highways with availability of  around 150 metres of free space where no construction of buildings should be permitted. This will ease the widening of such roads in future years without the necessity for demolition of structures. One highway in the E-W direction and the other in the N-S direction. People from any part of a state can move to the other end within a few hours.In many developed nations there are no buildings near the highways.
                       MAARUTI SETHU YOJANA( For people  centered  projects )
Another badly required factor is the involvement of the masses in the developmental process .By achieving this we can bring about a sustainable change in the attitude of the people.They should feel that their role in the nation building does not stop at the moment  they click the choice button on the EVMs.But for achieving  this we want much more transparency in the planning,decision making and implementation of the projects.Much of these local works should be entrusted to the local bodies with a commitment to involve the public nominees also.There has to be mandatory social auditing for such projects.By constituting a voluntary body under the name ‘MAARUTI SETHU YOJANA ‘,the voluntary involvement of all the citizens can be assured in such small/regular work in a locality.( The name  reminds us of the collective efforts of the monkeys under the leadership of Hanuman  to help Lord Sriram in the making of the Sethu bridge to Lanka ) The govt only needs to take the initiative in promoting /popularizing / such a scheme.This has 2 advantages!) It helps to make available the human labour worth several thousand crores.All  parts of the nation can  mobilize the service of the locals in devoting  a few hours weekly/monthly for voluntary work in the neighbourhood.Secondly it gives a sense of involvement to the participating individuals/voluntary organizations.Many voluntary agencies can be persuaded to participate in such projects.Gradually this coming together of people for the common good of the society will  result in the fading out of the  communal/gender/regional/ imbalances and  communication gap.When members of all communities work together for the common good  it will remove the slight misgivings in their minds about others.True secularism will prevail in India.