Monday, March 16, 2015

Pongallyam(Perumaram) a boon for Keralites ?

  •  No doubt,Kerala will see a flooding of our land with this newly found golden tree when its price will nose dive.The same was the fate with ' VAANILA',whose price sky rocketed to Rs 3000/kg to 200/kg in no time.It seems all rubber growers will now become fans of the GREAT Pongallyam.

  • Advantages of Pongallyam.1) it can be tapped during all seasons.2) the yield per tree of the resin is 200 gmswhile that from rubber is only 100 gms.3) Price is Rs 200/kg while that of rubber hovers around Rs 130-140 range.4)The wood is costlier than rubber.WISH ALL KERALITES A LONG HONEYMOON WITH THE NEW GOLD MINE TREE.

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