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Punnapra Vayalar revolt and the later life of Sri CP Ramaswami Iyer

Punnapra Vayalar revolt and the later years of Sri.C P Ramaswami Iyer
In 1946 the rebels who wanted to oust the then Diwan Sri CP R Iyer from his post established a Government of their own at Vayalar village and declared independence from Travancore.Sir CP responded by declaring martial law on Oct.25th.The rebels attacked the Police with country spears and killed a fewpolicemen.The police retaliated by shooting at the rebels
The rebellion was quelled on Oct 27th by the army with over 1000 casualtie son both sides.
       On June 3rd ,the  UK  accepted   the demand  for partition of  India,and the king  issued a declaration of  Independence  on June 18 1947.Later negotiations between the National level leaders and the Travancore rulers led to a Virtual agreement for accession to the Indian Union.
  On July 25 1947.Sri C P  was attending a music concert in the capital ,commemorating the anniversary of Swathi Thirunal.An assassination attempt was made on him by KCS Mony who was hand picked by the socalled  Leftists and  the Diwan sustained  injuries on his nose.Following  this  he  resigned as the DIwan of Travancore.
Later life of Sri C P R
After he resigned from the Diwan’s post he left for London.In 1948,he returned the titles he received from England.In the same year he visited Brazil,Argentina,Peru and Mexico as a tourist.He also visited the U S  where he gave talks at the University of California,Berkely,and had dinner with the then U S President  Harry S Truman. In 1949-50 he visited the  U S again.In 1952 he visited Australia and Newzealand  as a guest.
During 1950-60 he served as Vice Chancellor of both Annamalai and Benares universities simultaneously thus becoming the first Indian to do so.
      In 1953 he was made a member of the Press Commission of  India. In 1955 he toured China as the leader of an Indian University delegation.He was made a member of the UGC in 1955.
His death
  Sri CP Ramaswami Iyer left for England in 1966.There he started a research intended for writing a book he had planned  with the title A HISTORY OF MY TIME.On September 26 ,1966 ,he breathed his last during his work there.
Thus we really lost the services of a great  personality and got the services of” murderers “ and “ Tailors  to lead this state.
Here we get  a Fool who  is hunting after  opponents  in the name of corruption and Penn vanibham,at the same time keeping  silent on the people in his own party .Let them stitch the numerous holes in their party before stitching 2 holes on the political opponents.