Sunday, January 11, 2015

Kerala sealed in the liquor bottle ?

The respect commanded by an'office'depends on the 'power'wielded by the person. there.During the UPA rule the AICC president was all powerful along with her family juniors and the PM was a silent stock (.The PM had simply to fall in line with the party supremo)But in Kerala the CM is all powerful and does everything in his personal style and simply ignores the words of the KPCC president.OC is more dictatorial than the former Kings/diwans/ of our state who had several good aspects to their credit.This CM has hundreds of scams involving his close aides and personal staff.What a shame to the elite Keralites to tolerate such a CM who has the arrogance to say publicly that he will do everything in his own way,without consulting any body else!

Save Almighty mission

We have achieved unbelievable progress in many fields.Many of the technologies that resulted from the consistent hard work of several scientists in different parts of the world,have made our lives effortless and luxurious.But it is sad to see how human beings have become so narrow minded and bigoted in some cases.There are endless bloody wars in the name of God who cares for everyone of us.We compete with our own fellow beings in providing Z-CATEGORY PROTECTION to the Protector,with the feeling that we alone are his WELL WISHERS,and all others are His enemies.If all the groups think along this line there will be no human life on earth and the Almighty will feel sorry for having nobody seeking His protection and blessing.

What to do now ?

Instead of complementing the efforts of the visionary PM even some respectable' personalities blame him for keeping silent on some isolated cases of change of faith by a few which has been going on in many parts of India especially among the tribals by offer of cash/kind.The PM is working overtime for the good of the entire country men.Today he is presiding over the PRAVASIDIVAS in Gujarat.We all must actively support him in his great mission.At least we should refrain from laying obstacles along his path.


Our country is passing through a very precarious condition.Unless urgent restrictive measures are put in place by the responsible religious hierarchy things will move out of control as it has happened in manyother nations.The only difference is India will be the last nation to resort to religious fanaticism.When it happens as in MahaBharatha,much may not remain for future.Please think of our innocent children who should be allowed to live in grace with their heads straight .

The past and the present.

It is good to be proud of the rich tradition that India had in the field of science,mathematics,medicine,telecommunication etc.But the tendency to underestimate the giant leaps made in recent years due to the sweating by several eminent people across the world , and which have benefited us greatly is deplorable.In the 'Global village'of the present day no new discovery/invention/is enjoyed by a limited group,but it becomes accessible to the entire humanity.The Kepler mission of the NASA has revealed un believable facts about the universe not as stories but with visual proofs.Any huge complements will not suffice to evaluate their work.Let us be humble but daring to domuch greater service to humanity as we have done through missions like the 'MANGALYAAN'

God and the mankind.

After a few decades if the animals that survive on earth have the ability to read and write,they will read the history of man like this,'The giant mammoths were wiped off from this earth by human beings for his own safety.Finally human beings disappeared from the Earth by killing his own brethren for the safety of God.

Real science.

When the US space mission KEPLER brought to us informations regarding the existence of thousands of planets several of which resemble our Earth we congratulate them.But the fact is we cannot even conceive of such huge planets several million times larger than earth itself.These were there even millions of years ago.So even if the ancient Indian Rishis could only conceive of such things like aircraft,other planets,cordless communication etc they must be given due credit for that.May be these hints might have prompted the later period scientists to think seriously about such possibilities.Give due credit to every body for their contributions
Today we know how the presence of the Union ministers in their office for the maximum possible time can help tone up the administration. The policies of the PM translates into real implementation without delay.The state governments also will have to submit their plan proposals on time which will be available for all the people to view through the internet.Mere criticism of the central govt without taking up the required projects with feasibility reports will boomerang on themselves.

On film PK

Why should the film be banned?Absolutely no.They have expressed their views in a particular style which may be endorsed by a few as legitimate.A few may ignore it as another comedy,while a few may wonder how people try to amass wealth by stooping down to any low level..In the Hindu tradition there have been no incarnation of Lord Vishnu not questioned or challenged by the evil powers of the day.Ultimately it was the turn of every one of these incarnations to have the last laugh.The evil spirits had their own deserving tragic end. Lord Shiva also had to face the wrath of several crooks who got boon from the Lord only to punish the almighty.But eventually what happened is known to every body.Jesus also had to face the evil powers of the day and was crucified but later worshiped as a divine personality.Prophet Muhammed also would not have been protected by his paid body guards, but on his own virtues of truth and philanthropy.The Almighty is not in need of any Z category protection from the mortal humans of a few years'life span,but want us to have a true and faithful life in the world to make our own presence here a cherished event by our own fellow beings.None of the ancient dynasties or colonial powers have survived to this day,but God is loved and depended up on by the humanity ,although in different forms.How can that almighty become one man's friend and another man's enemy.?
Any country can have fast progress when the leadership rests with a sensible,intelligent and devoted person at the top.The people trust these qualities of the leader to put him in the PM's seat.If he keeps 'mum' and inactive progress eludes us.During the emergency all other leaders were labelled as traitors and jailed .But the present PM has never said any thing that may whip up the communal passions .Instead he has confined himself to his eternal slogan"INCLUSIVE DEVELOPMENT OF INDIA".I am sure sooner or later most Indians will appreciate this quality .This was precisely how he won the confidence of the people of Gujarat for several years.For a few more years from now , there seems to be no 'SUITABLE'substitute for Mr.Narendra Modi.

A real leader

The example set by our PM Mr.Narendra Modi during his participation in public functions should be a lesson for our GREAT local leaders. When the PM is part of any public function ,he is physically present throughout the programme,so that he has first hand information about the deliberations there.He listens to others with patience and gets an idea about their genuine demands or ideas.As the CEO of the country he gets feed back through the different media.All the priority items will be included in the official projects.All these feed backs will find a place in his weekly interaction through the media.He never wastes his time on silly/petty matters.
Our tricky politicians ( both ministers and other leaders ) make it a point to attend all the big/small meetings in the state wasting crores of public money.They come very late forcing the organisers to delay the function, interrupt the speaker on the mike,make their VALUABLE speech(? ) and leave the dais soon after They never get a chance to really know even the purpose of that meeting

If the leaders minimise the public meetings and try to know the genuine demands of the public it will help to save much public money and improve the quality of public life.