Wednesday, October 22, 2014


                                                                              OUR PSUs
India is a country which aspires  for a better   life for all its citizens through a truly democratic process although the path is slow and requires a concensus on a large number of issues which crop up on every issue. In a country with dictatorship or one party rule the rulers have a free hand in framing and executing the strategies for administration.The common people have no say in that.They have to eat what is given to them by the rulers without any choice on the menu.In most of such nations the rulers lead a luxurious life by virtually pocketing the valuable resources like oil and other mined items and also by running every business in the country as the monopoly of the ruling family members.Even though such countries are basically rich the people there die due to starvation.Those underprivileged have no right to protest for having a better life.The strange thing is that most of these militant administrators are held in high esteem and are described as ‘progressive forces’just because they abuse other  countries/ rulers  whom they hate.Even a slight dissent by any body will lead to his/her being imprisoned or even executed.
  In a democratic country like India the political parties and the leaders have to be much more aware of our needs and limitations.If proper strategies are not devised any progress achieved will benefit only a few in the society.The vast majority will be in the BPL category.The few lucky guys who manage to secure a job in a PSU want the whole income of the firm being shared among the employees as they feel that the firm made profits entirely due to their hard work.They do not allow the PSU to grow on its own using the internally generated resources.
When the PSU gets weakened due to lack of improvements/replacements of the aging items the firm starts sweating and is immersed in loss.They want the govt to come to the resque of the firm by giving continuous help.They simply forget the fact that they have been mainly responsible for the pathetic situation as they had never bothered about the proper upkeep of the assets entrusted to them by the society.THEY JUST WANTED TO MILK THE COW AND GET THE PROFIT BUT NEVER BOTHERED TO GIVE SOME FOODDER FOR THE ANIMAL.
The  outside political leaders who become office bearers of the trade unions try to make the PSU a source of income for their parties.They encourage the employees to make unrealistic demands and offer the help  to get the demands concede by the govt for which the employees have to gift several crores to the party funds.
If the union leaders were elected from among the employees themselves ,they would have been more realistic about the demands and would have persuaded the workers to put in their best to strengthen the PSU so that it helps to create jobs for more youths in the country.The people also would have reaped the benefits of such a vibrant/prospering/ firm.Many of the industrial units here have migrated to other parts of India mainly due to the belligerent trade unionism which the leaders will never admit.
We cannot go on like this for long.A stage will come soon when nothing can save the PSU and it has to face the inevitable extinction.Every body will then blame one another for the disastrous situation but  will never own up any role for themselves in the tragedy.