Monday, March 16, 2015

Liberation struggle in Kerala 1959 ( Vimochana Samaram )

The immediate cause of the outbreak of the Liberation Struggle (Vimochana samaram 1959 in Kerala ) was the introduction of the Education Bill by the minister of education Joseph Mundassery. The bill had revolutionary content that could have had an impact on the administration of educational institutions, which were financially aided by the government. Many of these institutions, at that time, were under the control of various Christian congregations and a few under the Nair Service Society (NSS). The Education Bill claimed to regulate appointments and working conditions of the teachers in the government-aided schools. The remuneration of the teachers were to be paid directly from the government treasury. It also mandated to takeover any government-aided educational institution, if they fail to meet the conditions set by the newly promulgated bill.

Agrarian relations bill( LAND REFORMS ACT )

With the introduction of agrarian relations bill, the government sought to confer ownership rights on tenant cultivators, to grant permanent ownership of land for the agricultural labourers, who reside in their premises at the mercy of landlords, and to attain an equal distribution of land by putting a ceiling on the individual land holdings so as to distribute the surplus land among the landless.With the introduction of the bill, government tried to address the social imbalance that prevailed in the state. In those days, the agricultural labourers, called as kudikidappukar, were allowed to stay in a piece of land allotted by the landlord, they were denied  permanent rights in the land. However, many radical proposals of this bill raised panic among the landowning communities of Kerala, especially Nairs and Syrian Christians

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