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                        Our Thanjavur,Kumbakonam visit Jan 24-28,2014
 We two Left Aluva by the EKM-Karaikal Exp  on 24th 2230 hrs,and reached Thanjavur by 0930 hrs on 25th.Left our luggages in the Railway cloak room and after breakfast  bought 2 tickets for Kumbakonam.Visited the Bruhadeeswaran temple,Thanjavur during the short break.Returned to the RS by 1145 .Reached Kumbakonam by 1250 by the shatabdi Exp( Coimbatore to Mayiladuthurai.) Hired an auto( Rs60) and   reached the Sankara Residency , where we had arranged for our stay.(Rs 1250 for a AC suit) Occupied the room by 1320 hrs.Got the lunch and took rest till 1500hrs.
                            The hotel people had arranged for our local tour also .We got a very experienced driver Sri.Govindan,who had vast experience in the local tour programmes and also knew very well about the importance of the various destinations.
                                                   Day 1 -  25th Jan  ( Saturday )( from 1500 hrs to 2000 hrs )
   1) Thinkaloor ( Shiva temple with Chandran )
2) Thiruvayar,the Samadhi of Thiagaraja Swamigal.Every year during the middle of January,Thiagaraja
    Aradhana takes place here.
   3)Swami malai.One of the temples in the Arupadai Veedu of Lord Subramonia.
  4)Thiruvalam chuzhi,(Valampuri )Ganesa temple.White Ganesa.
 5 ) Patteeswaram  temple ( Durgai and Shivan )
 6) Alamgudi ( Guru;Jupiter ).Shiva and Neelambika .
 7 )Njanapuri,Anjaneya peetom (36 feet height )
 8)Padai katty MariAmman,Valangainan
9 ) Uppilyappan koil,( Perumal koil )
10 )ThiruNageswaram ( Rahu ) Siva,Devi.----------Dinner at Hotel Balaji.2030 hrs.
                                                   Day 2-26th January ,Sunday (0615hrs to 2200 hrs )
1 )Surianar Koil ( Sun ),
2 ) Kanjanur    ( Sukran,Venus )
3)Thiruvizhai Mazhalai(Shiva )temple
4)Abhishta VaradarajaPerumal Koil,Vishnupuram.-----------Breakfast at Mayiladuthurai
5 ) KeezhePerumballam( Kethu )Shiva,Devi temple
 6) Thiruvenkadu ( Budhan )Devi,Shiva temples.
 7)  Vaitheeswaram,( Sevvai,Mars ),Sri Vaidyanatha Swami( Shiva ).----Lunch at Mayiladuthurai.
 8)  Anjaneya Idol( 60 feet height )
9)Vittal ,Perumal temple,Govindapuram( Lord Krishna )
10 )Mahalingeswar temple,Thiruvidaimarutur,( Siva,Devi )
11) Darasuram  temple.Airavateswar ( Shiva ).
12)AdiKumbeswar temple ( Motta gopuram )( Shiva,Devi )
13)Sreerama temple.( Sreerama pattabhishekam )
14 )Sarangapani temple( Vishnu temple
      Dinner from town hotel 2030 hrs.
                                     Day 3,27th Jan 2014 ,(Monday )0615 hrs to 2000 hrs.
1)Thirumaichur temple ( Shiva,Lalithambika )
 2 )ThiruSkandan Swami,Kandankudi( with Valli & Devayani )
  3),Ganesa temple.Nalankulam ,Thirunellar
 4 )Sani temple,Thirunellar.( Darpaneswaran,( Siva), Devi & Sani.)Heavy crowds of 2-3 lakhs on Fridays,Saturdays and Sundays.)
 5 )Nagur mosque,Beach.( Ptsunami affected area.)
6) Kayarakona Swami  temple,Nagapattanam (Sivan & Neelayathakshi )
7)Anjaneya temple,Nagapattanam
8 ) soundara rajaPerumal koil,Nagapattanam.
9)Nellukkadai Sri MariAmman koil,Nagapattanam.
10) Akkarapettai.The worst ptsunami affected area,A bridge was washed off and a new bridge had to be constructed.Many boats were flown over to the coast.
11)Korakka Siddhan’s Jeeva Samadhi Peetom,Vadakku Poikai nalloor.
12) Velankanni church and Beach.A very neatly maintained place.
13) Salt lakes near Velankanni on way to Thiruvalur.
14)Keezhveloor temple ,Sikkal(  Shiva ,Devi and Muruka )Subramonia is believed to have received the Vel from his mother  at this temple for killing Tharakasura .The temple owns much paddy grown land )
15 ) Sikkal Perumal temple.This also has large land holdings.
16)Arch gate near Thiruvalur with the images of the king in his chariot with a cow on the other side depicting the impartial way in which he took decisions.( a cow rang the bell at the palace gate to complain about the killing of it’s calf by an unidentified person.The king promised to give proper punishment to the guilty.On enquiry it turned out to be the prince himself who brutally killed the calf during his outings.The king himself killed his son using his chariot while his son was sleeping in the palace yard.)
17 ) Thiagaraja Moorthy temple,Thiruvalur ( Birth place of Thiagaraja Swamigal )
18)Nachiar koil,Kalgaruda .
19 )Saneeswaran temple with the entire family of Sanidevan ( 2 wives and 2 children )
20 )Azhakaputhur temple(Siva and Devi ,Sankha Chakra dhari Murukan),Kumbakonam.
                  Dinner at 2030hrs and back to the lodge.
                                   Day 4, 28th Jan 2014 Tuesday -0630 hrs -1730 hrs
1)      Mahamaham tank,Kumbakonam.The tank is normally full of water.It has 22 wells in it .During the KumbhaMela,the water in the tank is pumped out and there is water in the wells only.People use this water for purifying their body,and then worship in the  temple.
2)      Nageswara temple.( siva,Brahma and Saraswathi ).
3)      Vegetable market near the Arasalar river.
4)      Darasuram fort maidan.
5)      Nalloor Kalyana sundara Temple( the colour of the Shiva linga here is believed to be changing 6 times a day.There is a Kaali temple and also a tank here.
6)      Palaivananathar.A place where paddy is grown extensively using farming/harvesting machines.There are huge sylos  also for storing the paddy.
7)      Papanasam temple.There are 108 Sivalingams here (106 in a hall,1 in the temple and 1 ,known as Hanumat linga outside the main temple).
       The road from Papanasam  to Saha mangaliam has very little curves.  
     8 )Mullaivananathar temple( The Siva linga is believed to have been got from a mullai (jasmine )forest.( Siva  and Kalpaka rakshambika ).There is a big pond too.
         9 )Mariaman Koil,Thanjavur,The Diety here is believed to be the sister of Samayapuram diety.          The diety has rich sarees and ornaments all made of gold.
 10 )Aakaya lingam temple ( siva and Durga )The Siva linga is very tall and is near the railway track to  Trichy. Durga and Naga are also here.           
            11) Thanjavur palace,art gallery,Saraswati mahal library,museum,Viewing tower,Sivaganga garden    
12 ) Brihadeeswae temple,Tanjavur.Very huge Sivalingam and Nandi.Both are carved out of single stones.The towers are not painted and retain their natural stone colour.There are hundreds  of Sivalingas  around the inner temple.
Those who want a comfortable stay and darsan of the temples here can contact ,
SRI SANKARA RESIDENCY,54 –A,Banadurai North Street,Kumbakonam.612 001
( has both AC suites /guest house /accommodation)
Phone numbers - LL  0435 2423243( Kumbakonam )
                                               Mob;- 94437 24271
Sri Govindan ( Cab )         09629201935

Monday, January 13, 2014

Our choice of a new Prime minister

Rahul   Gandhi  
This prominent leader and the Vice president of Indian National Congress was born on 19/6/1970.Though there was nothing special about the initial years of his education,the killing of his grand mother and the former PM Indira Gandhi  in 1984 and that of the later PM and his father Rajiv Gandhi in in 1991, he had to attend the schools and colleges in pseudonyms both within and abroad.He has  taken his MA and MPhil.For a brief period he had worked for some MNCs also.
It was in 2004 that he got involved in the party activities.He won the 2004 parliament elections from Amethi  and represents the same seat till now.The weight /image of the Nehru family is both an advantage and burden for him as any shortcomings in his approach /talk will get very much magnified. If he wants to lead the party and the country on his own merit, he has to do untiring efforts with a clean mind and dedication.  If he decides to   try for  his  chance at the 2019 elections   after getting fully equipped for handling the duties of the  top  job,he will be  a  much more effective  leader.
 Arvind Kejriwaal
He was born on 16/8/1968,After his schooling he took his engineering degree from IIT,Kharagpur.As he had a liking for the civil Services he passed the IRS and joined the Income tax dept and served as a Joint Commissioner.He has attended many seminars and meetings both in India and abroad.As a self disciplined  officer,he was totally against the widespread corruption in the service sector and outside. Because of  his strong convictions for anti corruption activities,he sought VRS in 2006 and formed the  India Against Corruption  organization and later the political wing,Aam Aadmi Party.With strong support from  all sections of the common people like students,young professionals ,ladies etc    he was able to touch the hearts of the masses and win the much fought out Delhi State elections,though slightly short of a clear majority.
Now the question is how far he will be able to go ahead with his /his party’s declared objectives/policies.As he is dependent on the INC for survival,he may have to take at least the INC legislators and convince them that he really wants only good governance for the welfare of the Delhiyists  and no anti INC steps.If he succeeds in that he can spread his party’s wings to more regions/states in the 2014 elections.
For  him also the  chair of  the Prime minister  may not suit now as he has to acquire proper skills to tame the wild beasts in the administration,both political/beaurocratic.
Narendra Modi
He was born on 17/9/1950.He was born to very average parents in Gujarat.In his early years of scooling itself he used to run a tea stall along with his brother  near a bus terminus in his home village.Though  an average student he was a very good debater.He became a full time worker in the RSS and soon  a pracharak.Meanwhile he took an MA in political science from Gujarat university.He was actively involved in the ABVP and also the BJP from day one of the formation of the BJP’s Gujarat unit.In 1998 he became the National secretary and handled the affairs of several states.When Mr Sankar Singh Vakela broke away from the BJP,along with his supporters,Mr Modi helped Sri Kesubhai Patel to become the CM.But in 2001Gujarat was struck fiercely by the Bhuj earthquake resulting in  untold loss of lives and properties in a few minutes.The handling of this tragedy was a herculean task.Though Mr Kesubhai tried his best to solve the miseries of the affected people there was widespread criticism.Hence the BJP leadership thought of alternative CM.Mr Narendra Modi told the top leaders that he will set everything in track at the earliest using all his efforts.As this convinced them,they put Mr Modi as the CM of Gujarat on 7th Oct,2001.
There were a series of incidents that tested the patience/statesmanship in Narendra Modi during the next few months.There was a concerted effort to destabilize the ministry and annoy the new/young chief minister.He worked overtime to mitigate the sufferings of the people due to the Bhuj earthquake.On 27th Feb 2002,the Godhra train arsonage took place killing 58 people.This followed the series of communal riots in Gujarat during the later period of 2002.Many people from both the Muslim and Hindu communities were killed.Mr.Modi came in for sharp criticism from many political leaders from several parties.He resigned as CM and the assembly was dissolved.But in the general elections held during 2002 end Mr Modi won 127/182 for his party and was put as the CM for a full term..Once he was assured of a comfortable majority he paid all his attention to assuage the ill feelings of all communities with a single minded vision of ‘Development of Gujarat ‘.He also paid keen attention to wipe out corruption  at all levels.
This sincere and honest efforts to create a ‘Vibrant Gujarat ‘has made Gujarat the most investor friendly state in India.Several global investors’meet have been organized at regular intervels with huge response being accorded every time.The benefits arising out of this spirited work is fully reflected in the people’s response in the subsequent state elections.( 2002-127/182.2007-122/182.and in the fiercely contested 2012 elections-119/182.)Even Muslim dominated areas voted for BJP.
Many of my friends who are leading entrepreuners in several parts of India including Kerala acknowledge that they get top services/sanctions for new units /in record time without bribery from the govt agencies in Gujarat.
 As a person who has made his indelible mark as an efficient and long serving CM of a major state in India,let us give a chance to Sri Narendra Modi to use his time and energies for the progress of India.His optimism is his greatest asset.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Memoirs of a Septuagenarian

                                          Memories of a Septuagenarian 
I am entering my 70th year.( 1944-2014 ) The various facets of life should be undergone by every sensible person depending on his health and physical conditions.As far as my past is concerned I am quite satisfied with my own performance for my family and also for the people around me.I have  done full justice to whatever work has come to me on my own initiative or at the request of my associates.The final assessment about the quality of my work is to be made by the beneficiaries of such work and I leave it to them.All what I can say is I have done my duty with utmost honesty and sincerity.I sincerely thank all those who have helped me in the various projects I have handled for making the lives of our people more comfortable and less expensive.A few have misunderstood my motives.All what I tell them is  ,now I am  permanently out of their way  and they  can  have their own style.
 But one should not idle away his time .As long as health permits I will continue my social service in my own way.I  like to visit the various places of worship and other destinations of historical importance.In continuation of our past visits our next destination is Tanjavur and neighbouring areas of Tamil Nadu.I request my friends to pray for the successful completion of our tour programme so that I will be able to get good snaps of the things we come across during the journey and post them for the viewer  friends.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The predicament of INC

                                                       Miseries of the INC
The main drawback facing the Indian National Congress is the absece of a true/able leadership that can think and devise proper strategies/policies that will help both the party and the nation on a long term prospects.The party has always weared round the Nehru family for leadership.But the brilliance in adopting suitable approaches as is warranted by the imminent conditions  is gradually on the wane.The 2 preconditions for a true leadership is ability and receptivity.Nehru had all these qualities due to his active presence in the freedom struggle and his association with people of diverse attitudes.So he had a commanding power on all his colleagues in the ministry.He could guide them also in the proper discharge of their work.
In the case of Indira Gandhi her long association with her father in the  public field taught her many valuable lessons.Her boldness was an asset for her.She was shrewd enough to take even a  U turn  when she felt that it was to her advantage.The awareness of history that she got through the letters written to her by Nehru from the prison made her a wise /able lady who could handle any awkward/adverse situation.There was a distinct deterioration in the quality of leadership during the initial years of Rajiv Gandhi.But this was soon overcome with the active support of many of his trusted and experienced colleagues and well wishers.But he could not give a proper training to his chidren who spent their school years in hostels under Z category protection following the  assassination of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi.As Sonia was also not involved in politics both Priyanka and Rahul kept away frompublic life.
During the rule of Narasimha Rao the family had not much role to play.It was after the exit of Rao that Smt Sonia Gandhi started showing interest in the affairs of INC.As it was easy for a Nehru family member to act as a rallying point among the infighting INC leaders Smt Sonia got the leadership.Many of these leaders wanted to take advantage of their loyalty to the family for achieving their selfish motives and negating the fortunes of their detractors.Ultimately when Dr ManMohan Singh was chosen as the PM candidate she became the defacto head of the party as also the government.The 2 terms of the UPA in office saw the  slow and sready weakening of the office of the Indian prime minister’s office.The INC leaders who knew very well that their position in the INC will be secure as long as they had the backing of the party president.This led to a condition wherein the ministers became emperors of their portfolio and the PM had no effective control or even knowledge as to how they functioned.The rivalry among the ministries violated all principles of a responsible council of ministers where these differences ought to have been sorted out by seeking the opinion of the PM .In fact there were so many Prime Ministers.Dr Singh ,though an academician/beaurocrat of impeccable integrityhad to remain a silent spectator in all these matters.Many of the reforms he implemented were beneficial for India in the long term.But  the lack of skill to lead/control the infighting greedy group of ministers has lande him into a most pitiable situation.His own party vice president publicly repudiated/insulted him in a most savage style by gate crashing on to an officially convened  press meet.He had the audacity to tear away a copy of the ordinance under scrutiny.When Dr Singh says he is ready to work at the feet of Rahul,he is insulting the people who have put him on that chair with so much of hopes and aspirations .He should have strongly expressed his anger /protest over this and demanded an unconditional apology from the rude leader.In that case the young Rahul would have had no other options except a public apology to the PM.That would have forced Rahul also for a rethinking and might have led to a sobering of his rudeness.
Now all such stages are over and we have entered a point of ‘show of strength.At least at this stage Dr Singh should not stoop down to the level of personally attacking the opposition PM candidate.Mr Nm is also a leader who has mustered the support of a thumbing majorityof people to become the CM of an important state for the 3rd consecutive term.When we compare the disasters brought about by a silent,remote controlled PM for 2 terms .The expected disaster from an able,outspoken and energetic PM like NM will be negligible.Such disasters will be felt ,not by the common people,but those leaders who used their power and position for looting this great nation of it’s rich natural resources for the benefit of their own henchmen.