Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Role of MPs/MLAs in India

         Role of MPs and MLAs in the developmental process
With the new Narendra Modi govt coming to power at the center,there has been a perceptible change in the outlook required in the  developmental activities being taken up in the various regions.Unless we keep a constant vigil on the planning and  proper execution of these projects there will be inordinate delay,misuse of funds,and also quality drain  by the time the envisaged work is over.
 At present the public feeling is that the responsibility of the legislators is over once they come out of the legislature hall.Once the session is over the members spend most of their time in inaugural ceremonies,attending marriages,funerals ,festivals etc in their constituencies.Recently every legislator is entitled for a llocation of a sizeable amount which they can give for any projects of their choice.When we consider the total funds allotted to an assembly/parliamentary constituency the amount may come to several hundred crores during the tenure of the house.
 The tragedy with our present system is that the legislators feel that their sole duty is to support/oppose the government  on all fronts.They are not really committed to their electorates but to their political outfits.In a true democracy like ours eternal vigilance by all is the key to success.The representatives of the people have to act as administrators also.For successfully discharging this duty the members should have a good knowledge or at least an aptitude to master this skill.They must ensure the timely execution of the various projects in their place in an effective manner.This does not mean that they should keep the concerned officials executing the work in the shadow and stealing the limelight.They can solve the problems coming in the way of timely completion of a work.This may be acquiring land,dispute regarding the size of the work,guaranteeing periodic check by higher officials,other local problems etc.If the MLAs/MPs pay due attention to most of these it will facilitate the timely commissioning of most projects.We have several instances where a project intended to be completed with 50 crores have run into several hundred crores due to ‘ProjectOver run’.
 Same is the case of maintenance of several statehighways or local roads.The legislators should find time to hear the grievances from the public and also prepare a list of the urgent  construction/repair works to be taken up on a priority basis.He can peruade the officials or ministers to include such items  in the SOS category.
  An  MLA/MP should be an easily accessible person for all his voters.They should also realize that only if they bring their complaints/suggestions to the elected people they can remedy the problem.

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