Sunday, June 8, 2014

A lesson for youngsters

                                                       AYYO ACCHAA POKALLE
Yesterday there was the annual meet of an organization in Ernakuam.About 100 members including youngsters and kids attended it.A few VIP speakers were also invited. The 1st item was the presentation of accounts for the year passed by.A lady member pointed out some inadequacies and non inclusion of some funds collected and spent for some journeys.She got the reply that as the exact amount alone for the journey was collected and spent there is nothing wrong in not including the same in the annual accounts.
The next item in the  agenda was the election of the office bearers . The president declared that he will not continue in the post any longer.In spite of persuasions from several members he didn’t budge a bit.The secretary and other office bearers also pressed for a change in guard for the house.A few members then suggested some other names for the post .As the arguments got heated some members left the place.The meeting appeared to be noisy.All thesetimes one or two members were bent upon the old team to continue .
  The members who left the place fearing some unruly scenes returned after half an hour.To their surprise there was perfect harmony between the leaders in the group .The same old team was elected for the next year also.The youth who attended the function got several valuable lessons for their future use as how to handle such situations when their time comes

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