Sunday, June 1, 2014

Prime Minister's laison offices in State capitalsThe decision of the Prime minister to open the PM’s laison offices at all state capitals is a welcome move with far reaching advantages. India is a very big nation with a large number of states and union territories.Naturally the states will have regular demand for new projects,follow up of earlier proposals,other special representation etc.The present practice is for taking frequent flights to Delhi by the CM alone,groups of ministers,all party delegations etc wasting crores of money intended for developmental activities.Also much of the time/energy of these busy people are wasted on such journeys.The already busy Delhi becomes more crowded adding to the miseries of the people there. When the PM’s laison office is opened in a state capital any proposal for old or new projects can be given to this office which will have all modern technological installations/telecom/video conferencing facilities etc.In case of urgent need even the PM can be contacted from there and the decisions will come in the flash of a second. There will be no dispute whether the papers are really sent or not as all these are backed up with file saving facilities The present practice to send a delegation of a crowd of ministers and MLAs by flight even to invite the PM or other union ministers for a function in the state. It will be in the fairness of things in a democracy if the ministers do not spend valuable time for inauguration of even petty functions all over the state/country adding to the financial strain.Let these functions be held without wastefull festivals.Only major projects alone should be opened my ministers.( They can send video messages for the functions to satisfy the organizers or local people. Hope and wish the esteemed PM will give attention to some of these small items which when put together will save hundreds of crores of the valuable resources of India.We may even be able to build a small dam in a major Indian river.

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  1. hat is a very god idea about installing all technological resuorces like Video Conferencing Software and others for an instant decision making situations. As the nation is so wide and the public safety is the most important part this technology best helps to avoid traveling that best collaborates people in emergencies.