Friday, August 29, 2014

The rejuvenated Namoodiris of Kerala.

The rejuvenated Namboodiris of Kerala.
The Namboodiris of Kerala are perhaps the worst affected community  due to the promulgation of the Land Reforms act ,1957,that too by a CM of the same community.Many poor people have benefited by that legislation while the major beneficiaries have been the monopoly agriculturists who took large extents of land on lease and did the farming there employing the landless poor  and backward people.The LR rule gave possession rights to these rich farmers while the workers were not benefited.They got 4 or 5 cents of land housing their hut.The socalled Janmis or land lords ( addressed as ‘THIRUMENIS by the tenants then by outward respect and  today sarcastically) were virtually landless  overnight.But no revolution resulted by that as the landlords respected the law of the land.( It is another story that most of these land have been sold later by the tenants for real estate ventures and they started encroaching  thousands of acres of  forest land inside and outside Kerala.The later govts gave them titles and thus honoured the law breakers.)
The poverished community members turned to other jobs and trades .They realized the value of education and gave good education to their youngsters.Many of such elite people have reached great heights in several sectors.
As they had the worst experiences in life they mobilized their resources and stated the Namboodiri organizations all over Kerala.Due to their consistant efforts they bought land in several places and started several educational institutions of repute.Some of them are
1)SSv college  near Perumbavoor 2)SSV college Nagaroor,Kilimanur.3)VTB College,Srikrishnapuram,PKD 4)Bed college,Irinjalakuda 5)Sreevatsam Institute of Medical Sciences ,Naduvattam,Edappal6)Sreepathy Institute of Engg and Technology ,Kottanad,Shornur.(List not exhaustive )
Besides they have established themselves well in the banking sector by starting several NBFCs of sound health .
A community without any source of foreign money or other illegal activities have come up to the present state with their dedication and unity.Along with these material progress they have not given up their centuries old values .They have renovated many private temples in their possession and have kept them open for all communities.GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES.

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