Sunday, June 1, 2014

Believers and nonbelievers in India.

The main threat for the Hindus who dominate the population only in India is that followers of other semetic faiths never consider Hindus as 'BELIEVERS',even though the Hindus take pride in that they are followers of a great and ancient culture that is several thousand years old.The Semetic groups feel that it is their Sacred duty to convert all NONBELIEVERS in to the God's chosen sects.As Both Christians and Muslims claim the same origin they don't label each other as non believers .The only dispute is which of the 2 streams is the genuine faith ?The poor Hindus who spend much of their time for prayers,Satsangas and reading/ hearing of the epics are considered as outcasts in their own land. Hindus never consider other faiths as atheisms.
When all religions are given equal respects India will become a truly SECULAR nation.The God of one religion should not be the devil for another faith.

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