Friday, June 6, 2014

The Message of the Epics as I feel it.

                                                        Message of the Epics
When we read the epics like Mahabhaaratham,Bhaagavatham or Raamaayanam,we see contradictory characters appear  in different contexts.Some of them are uniformly noble characters,some are eternal evils while a 3rd set have diverse qualities.The reader should be sensible enough to judge the right and wrong  from this basket.A wise person will be able to assess the worthwhile qualities that help him/her to lead a healthy life.The perverted ones will be fascinated by the crooked  characters  who have initial successes, but finally meet with a tragic end.God teaches us that it is the wisdom to choose the right course which shape our lives.There are devilish ones who challenged the Lord himself .The Lord let them reach their legitimate point.This churning makes Hinduism a unique one.The Lord says no one including Himself cannot escape from the reward for one’s actions during our life.
                    The water in a well remains pure only when it is agitated well and frequently.If the water remains stagnant for a few months it becomes filthy and people who enter that well may even die of the poisonous gases emanating from that.Stirred water remains the best always.Questioning and clarifications ociety’s healthy growth.Only thing is that both actions should be done gracefully.
                                        In the Semetic religions one has to strictly follow the directions given by the Almighty.There is no place for one’s intelligence or reasoning mentality.The whole system being stagnant the malignants that accumulate over a period never flow out and the entire system keeps it’s status quo and never improves the reasoning ability of it’s members.While Hindus can live happily in democracies where there are dissenting voices always,the others have to be in an autocracy.That is what happened in the West Asian countries.In case of any dissenting voice they will be beheaded as Saddaam Hussain did with his own family members.
But nothing to worry over others.We are lucky in having been in a culture which  is more than 5000 years old.When the other sects also grow older the inevitable changes will take place and they will be like the Hindus of today ,while we would have crossed many more stages.

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