Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sri EMS ,as I see him

Sri.EMS Nambudiripad was the first communist who led his party to power through a democratic election in any part of the world.On 5th April,1957 he formed a cabinet including many specialists for the different portfolios.Messrs,C AchuthaMenon,VR Krishna Iyer,Prof.Joseph Mundassery.KR Gowri.TV Thomas,Dr Ar Menon etc were some of the eminent ministers in his ministry.But due to the liberation struggle that ministry was dismissed in 1959 and fresh elections held when a congress –lad govt came to power. Again Sri Ems formed a govt in 1967 including 7parties in an alliance including the Kerala Congress,Muslim League.SSP,KTP,KSP etc.That govt also fell on 1st November 1969 leading to fresh elections and a congress led govt.
The Land Reforms Bill and the Education Bill were the 2 progressive measures adopted by the 1957 EMS ministry.Through the Land reforms bill the tenants (who leased out land from the land owners and cultivated it became the owners of the land.The landowners ( socalled Landlords )were deprived of their rights over the land overnight.This affected mostly the Hindu temples and Namboodiris and Tamil Brahmins who had given their land to others for cultivation.Through an amendment made by the subsequent ministry,plantationswere exemted from the land ceiling clauses. The real agricultural workers were never benefited by this .They got 1 or 2 cents of land to build a hut.
The people who got the advantage through the land reforms bill realized the vast scope of this provision .They started encroaching forest lands throughout Kerala.Many of them have even crossed the borders to TamilNadu and Karnataka.After a few years they clamoured for titles in those areas also and succeeded in conquering most of our forest land. What is the present condition?most of these land shave been converted to real estate havens fetching crores for the ENCROCHERS .The law abiding LANDOWNER is struggling to meet both ends meet.
In the forest land,if there is attack by wild elephants ,loss of crops due to landslip or rain they are richly compensated.REWARD FOR ENCROACHMENT ? I know a temple in Perumbavoor which lost about 150 acres of fertile land is getting a paltry Rs 3310 per year as ANNUITY.
Regarding the Education Bill.what is the present condition?the POWERFUL STATE GOVERNMENT has the RIGHT to pay the salaries of all teachers and nonteaching staff including their pension and gratuity.The management has the RESPONSIBILITY OF appointing the staff by receiving a FEW LAKHS. Besides the govt should meet the maintenance expenses and electricity bills of these schools.WHAT A TRAGEDY? EMS could not rightly implement these bills.
After his ist term EMS wanted to teach the congress a lesson.For this he aligned with the Muslm League and formed the MAlappuram district and the Calicut University.Both these have now boomeranged on the CPM .They have been routed out from Malappuram.The Muslim League has strengthened its hold there.It would have been wiser for Sri EMS to keep company with a national paty like the INC and influence and pressurize it to adopt more progressive actions.

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