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                              Future of Indian Democracy
   In a democratic country like India it is a challenging task to provide a good administration which benefits the entire population along the length and breadth of this vast country.The country is divided into a number of states,includes people of diverse cultures,languages and social standards.The demand by the various sections are also manifold. No party in power can cater to the needs of any particular state ,region,or social groups.
    There has to be an equitable division of the wealth of the nation  among the citizens while it is the duty of everybody to contribute towards the formation of this wealth.The assets of this country belong to all of us.Hence it is the primary duty of all of us to see that no damage is caused to the properties in any part of the nation.
     After independence the country has given  many single  parties or groups of parties  the chance to come to power.The Congress rule under Jawaharlal Nehru  ( 1947-’64 )gave the much needed industrial growth by setting up a large number of infrastructure industrial units  for production of steel  ,cement,fertilizers,    electricity,textiles etc.This helped the country to make a quantum leap in the manufacturing sector.The building up of the several major dams helped to irrigate large areas of agricultural land.
                             Another pathbreaking step was the formation of the Planning commission aimed at devising agenda for the speedy and systematic  development of India .Priorities were set for the various sectors of the economy.The 5 year plans were suggested as the effective tool for this.Institutions like the AIIMS,IITs,IIMs etc were established to catalyse the growth of the various sectors.He adopted a policy of NonAlignment so that the country could concentrate on it’s growth agenda without being  unduly influenced   by the foreign powers.
    Mining of petroleum and refining of the crude oil gave the much needed impetus to the automobile industry.Several new railway lines were constructed .     One of the most outstanding  and farsighted contributions of the Nehruvian period was the importance given to the use of Science and Technology for the progress of India including nuclear research.Several National Research Laboratories were set up.
                                                        Sri LalBahadur Sasthry was in power only for a short spell of18months.But this period saw the victory of India in it’s war with Pakistan.He coined the famous slogan’ JAI JAWAN,JAI KISAN’to upbeat the pride of Indians.He was the pioneer in the formation of the National Dairy Development Board ( NDDB )and gave the concept of Green Revolution and ‘Operation Flood “
                     The Indira Gandhi period saw severa l ups and downs in the political system.While Nehru believed in a more diplomatic attitude by avoiding friction with other s opposing the congress rule,IndiraGandhi took a bolder view of going ahead with the policies she felt would give a speedier result.For that she went ahead almost singlehandedly.She nationalized the private sector banks and gave  a thrust to the Green revolution.The period also saw the Sino India warof 1971.But nobody will ever  allege  that Smt Gandhi was a corrupt person.She had read a lot through the letters sent to her by her father from the prisons.Moreover she was intelligent enough to apply this knowledge  as and when required.A refined type of dictatorial attitude was evident in her approach.During the Emergency period she declared that ‘More Action and Less Talking ‘was the need of the time.
    Though the communists opposed the emergency,we all know that it was far better than the condition in the People’s Republic of China where the students who protested against the’ one party rule’ there and wanted free democracy as is present in several other countries ,were killed by the People’s Army.There are many who donot endorse the action of Smt Gandhi,but speak about the several beneficial aspects of the emergency.This was most evident in educational institutions.    The subsequent years showed the coming together of the BJP,Socialists and the communists to oppose the authoritarianism of Smt.Gandhi and the Congress rule.
People expected a better rule from  the Janatha party ,but the internal rivalry among the various parties,and the ego of the leaders led to the making and breaking of several ministries.The ministries of Sri Morarji Desai and C CharanSingh fell quickly.
                             (    The communist parties missed the best opportunity to influence the future of this country,when they kept out of power at that time.Had they joined the Union cabinet they would have become more practical minded and more flexible and acceptable  to the Indian masses.Instead they tried to criticize every action  of their own government and claim the credit for any pro people action which found favour with the electorate. The real support base of the communist parties gradually shrunk and got confined to West Bengal,Kerala and Thripura.In Bihar,Punjab,TamilNadu.Andhra pradesh and several other states the party simply vanished.Now they get 1 or 2 seats at the mercy of Smt Jayalalitha ,whom they had described as corrupt and autocratic in the recent past.)
          Following the fall of the Janatha Party led governments Smt Gandhi came to power  in January 1980.The ‘Operation Bluestar in the Golden temple took place during this period and she was assassinated in1984.
    This sudden demise of Smt Gandhi led to the Primeministership of Sri Rajiv Gandhi. As he was working as a pilot  he had no previous experience in the government  or party matters .But as he had the company  of, and guidance from ,several professionals in the core sectors he could take many decisions in the industrial and telecommunication sector.Computers of the latest generation and mobile phones with the latest technology were made available in India .The licensing procedures were simplified.On the whole India progressed very much during his tenure in office.
     The assassination of Sri Rajiv Gandhi gave way to the UF governments with Sri VP Singh and then Sri Chandrasekhar as PMs.The Mandal Commission report was implemented during the PM ship of VP Singh.Tons of gold in our reserves was pledged during the regime of Sri Chandrasekhar.
The fall of the UF govt paved the way  for  the minority government led by Sri PV NarasimhaRao.With his vast experience in the several ministries before, he initiated farreaching reforms in the economic field.Formation of the SEBI,NSE etc were some of his initiatives.He liberalized the monetary system with the firm belief that increase in production in the different sectors will rectify the problems that India faced .Problems regarding distribution could be solved more easily with governmental interference when required.Without increasing production ,any amount of governmental action will only worsen the  situation.Sri PV NarasimhaRao deserves praise mainly because he boldly took all these measures as the leader of a minority party in the Loksabha.None of the bills that he piloted were defeated in the parliament ,and he survived the No confidence motion against his ministry.The Rao governmentremained for  it’s full term in office.The demolition of the BabriMasjid and the subsequent political turmoil led to the defeat of the INC in the elections held in May 1996.
                    The AB Vajpayee ‘s BJP led government lasted for 13 days only.Then came the UF government led by Sri HD Deve Gowda.The left parties were the ones which really ran the show during this period.Sri HS Surjit was a person who was clossettedwith the PM in all photos of the PM in any function except during bedtime.But even here they kept aloof from the ministry saying  they have no ‘Parliamentary Greed”.Every action of the UF government was dictated by the left parties especially the CPM.Their influence led to the visit of the then Chinese President ,Mr.Jiang Zeminto India in 1996.This was the first visit by any Chinese President to India.The deveGowda ministry was defeated and another UF ministry with Sri IK Gujral as PM took oath.
In the next elections held in March 1998,Sri AB Vajpayee became the PM for a 2nd term leading his NDA team.His period in office witnessed the Pokhran Nuclear test,Kargilwar and the implementation of the National Highway DevelopmentProject  (NHDP).NHDP was the most remarkable  achievement of the Vajpayee government.Completion of that project in all the proposed routes will considerably improve the transportation problems faced  by India today and lead to a much fasterindustrial  and economic growth.
  But the ‘India Shines ‘slogan did not go well with the electorate and the next term favoured the INC again.This time Smt Sonia Gandhi declined PM ship and favoured Dr ManmohanSingh to that post. The first UPA government  got the outside support of the left parties also.The implementation of the MGNREGA was the most revolutionary concept implemented by the 1st UPA govt.This gave guaranteed employment to millions of rural men and women for a number ofdays.This together with the food supply at lower rates led to the mitigation of the sufferings of the rural folk.The right to information act (RTI ) was enacted .POTA was revoked .The Civil Nuclear agreement was signed with the world nations to assure uninterrupted nuclear fuel supply for our nuclear powerstations.The introduction of the UID is another step meant to make sure that the subsidies and other monetary assistances intended for the poor  are given to them through a bank account ,eliminating all intermediaries.Moreover it helps as a multipurpose ID card.
        These factors went well with the majority of the people that the UPA got a 2ndterm to form a ministry in 2009.But the 2nd UPA ministry had to face several scams involving several of it’s ministers belonging to the alliance parties.It seems the PM is not able to take stringent and timely action against the erring ministers  because of alliance compulsions.But the people of this country have bestowed their faith on Dr,ManmohanSingh ,because of his personal integrity and the sincerity shown by Smt Sonia Gandhi  at the time of the elections in 2009.They should not misprove this faith and should steer the country along the right track so that we Indians should feel that we have given the reins ofadministration of  this country to a group of competent and trustworthy people. The crux of the  problem  is not HOW LONG YOU RULE THIS COUNTRY,BUT HOW  WELL YOU RULE THIS COUNTRY.
           Regarding the left parties ,they should read the writings on the wall.If they feel that they alone have the right perspective regarding the future of India,and all other parties have to emulate the leftists,they will repeat their experiences in WestBengal   and Kerala.In Kerala it is only through the untiring  efforts of  Sri VS Achuthanandan by taking sensational items in a more sensational way that they have averted a SHIPWRECK.Your IDIOTIC IDEA that you alone are capable of thinking and acting in the right way is nothing less than MOCKERY. Even now you have ‘nt missed the boat.Try to refine your approach by taking others into confidence.In case of any wrongdoing,use the same yardstick for the party men and others.The Congress is not such a bad party as to be hated for ever.All those who  are card holders in the Communist parties are not devoid of evil tendencies.Their criminal cases should not be kept under your carpet,and take stringent legal action in courts.That alone will restore PUBLIC CONFIDENCE in your parties.Or else people of West Bengal will never allow youA to return to power there in the near future.You can have Thripura as the sole model of communism in India.We want real communists with humane approach and not militants with money and musclepower.Try to be good humanbeings ,and we will bring you to power.

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