Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An Open Letter to Sri VS

            An Appeal to Sri VS Achuthanandan
                 Sri VS as chief minister of Keralawas in power from 2006 to 2011.He had clear majority in the assembly and faced no destabilizing forces for his ministry.He could have done a lot for the progress of this state in many spheres but wasted many of such opportunities willfully or due to lack of  imagination greatly required by a a good ruler.
  I have travelled from the northern end of Kerala to the Southernend and also from the east to the west on a few occasions.I am sure Sri VS would have done it more than a 1000 times  that, at our expense.He would have seen the thousands of hectares of barren land (cultivable but not used for agriculture).As a ‘Vettiniratthal Veeran’who destroyed the plantains and coconuts in the paddy fields in the Southern districts,he should have paid due attention to bring these vast areas under cultivation by creating a task force for this purpose.By helping the farmers with seeds and manure the farm output in Kerala would have made a quantum leap.Instead many such lands were filled and used for commercial purposes even by governmental interference.  
  The Travancore Rayons in Perumbavoor remains close for years together.As a person who is bent upon handcuffing Dr ManmohanSingh,P Chithambaram,AK Antony and all other Union ministers ,he is to be made answerable to the inaction in this matter which affects the lives of thousands of families in Perumbavoorand it’s suburbs.
The Smart City would have been a reality much before ,had it not been due to the allegations made by him.Finally he claims to have started it in a foolproof manner.THANKS TO HIM FOR the HEROIC ACT.
       How many Penvanibham incidents have occurred during his tenure in office and in how many such  past cases he had made big noise as opposition leader?Why has he kept  willfully silent in most of these cases and used the PKK unjalikkutty case alone at the fag end of his tenure.?Or is it that Sri Kunjalikutty  who was responsible for all these acts.
 He has not shown genuine interest in any bribery case of his period but spent lakhs for the case against Sri RB Pillai.Also he is DEEPLY WOUNDED when Sri Pillai was released recently.Please reveal the amount he has  spent for managing these two case and the source of it also.
                 Whatabout the accused in the Jayakrisnan murdercase,where the crime was committed in front of  children who were shocked at thesi ght of this dastardly act.Was their premature release justified?Where they eligible for any concession?
                   Whatabout the cases against Sri VA Arunkumar,Who,as most of us including  VS, know, has no clear TRACKRECORD.But as his loving father he has  managed to get for him a coveted position as the Head of an organization through shrewd planning.END JUSTIFIES MEANS. Father will fight against computers but he will make his son the CEO of the computer firm.
   Now he  claims  that he will build a new dam in Mullaperiyar by raising public donations.He  can start this after declaring the sources of the lakhs   spent on the recent litigations in the PKK Kutty and RB Pillai case.

        At least from now ,please  try to find  some good in others also and realize that it is not Sri VS alone who is interested in the wellbeing of this state and it’s people.One man’s right may be another man’s wrong.If the respected Nonagenarian wants to do some really good things for his state he should say goodbye to party politics and express his views without fear or favour.It is not the RED SALUTE offered by the party cadre at the burial ground but the satisfaction in  his own mind during his last moments which he should value MOST .

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