Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Lokpal Bill and Sri Anna Hazaare

The Lokpal Bill And Anna Hazaare
   After several months of heated discussions and protests the Lokpal Bill has finally been given green signal for it’s  introduction in the Loksabha.In this context it is meaningless to find out Who has won in this game  show.Ultimately it is the country that has won .It is good that the Parliament has dicided to tackle the issue of corruption and dicided to take steps effective enough to weed out this Evil.
         It is not the congress alone or the UPA alone which can or which will pass this legislation.Being a constitutional bill it must have the approval of 2/3 of the members present and voting at the time of discussion that number being more than clear majority of the total strength of the house.In a similar manner it should get the approval of the Upper House also.
    Whatever be the factors that made the UPA to bring forward a bill like this in the Parliament .the fact is that the introduction of the bill has been given a green signal.Only 7 members voted against the introduction of the bill for their own reasons.They have the right to differ.
               Sri Anna Hazaare and his team are overstretching their support.So far their work is worth emulating.But when the bill is discussed by the Parliament what we want is the clear stand taken by the parliamentarians on the various provisions of the Lokpal Bill.The Anna team can write to the MPS about the clauses that the socalled  civil society members  ( ? )would like to see in the  final bill.They can discuss the issue by arranging a discussion with all the MPs together or in groups.Let all the required provisions be incorporated in the final form .
                  Anna should not say that his team alone has the moral right to talk on the noble  values in social life.  If however Sri Anna feels that his is the only correct stand on the question of corruption he should get together a team that he feels  can tackle the evil with a public declaration of the major steps he and his team will take if they are voted to power.
   They need not wait for this until the next Parliament elections.We are all Indians and people of all the states in India want their state to be ruled by a party of truthful ,honest ,efficient  ,hardworking and  result oriented men or women. They expect the ruling party to implement  the policies as fast as they can.
       In this scenario the Annateam has golden opportunity of contesting the fast approaching state assembly elections including UP.By spelting out clearly what is in their agenda they can approach the electorates and get their mandate .Since Anna feels that he is the chief crusader against corruption and all other evils in the present political system ,it should not be difficult for him to wrest the majority of seats in these assemblies.By implementing effective action programmes there ,he can spread his wings through out India .


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