Thursday, October 15, 2015

Paid writers acting as BONDED LABOURERS OF INC/LEFT .

Who told there is no slavery in India.So many elite slaves have been recruited to the INC and LEFT parties at very CHEAP rates of Rs 50000-1 lakh along with a citation.These slaves were presented in many stages ,where they have declared their lifelong loyalty to their MASTERS.When the INC and left parties have been thrown out of power from the centre and also most of the states the slaves have been brought to prominence as' INTELLECTUAlS ' to convince the majority of the Indians that there is total anarchy and fanaticism in India under the BJP rule.The people witness how sincerely the PM Mr Narendra modi is going ahead with his nation building activities ,and how the opposition INC and left parties ,rejected by the Indian voters are desperately trying for a RETURN TO POWER drama.But the drama will be a FLOP.But the silver lining is there as there are many other writers who write fearlessly and in a nonpartisan way.They are not CONTRACT WRITERS.

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