Monday, December 23, 2013

K Karunakaran -a memoir.

Hariharan Vs Any Keralite who is aware of the development of Kerala during the past few decades will admit that the lions'share of thse have been the contributions of the late Leader.He was very quick in making the right decisions which helped the speedy development of this state at lightning speed and executing them without delay.He was never bothered about the support/criticisms/ cheap popularity while taking such decisions.Also he never betrayed/sacrificed his executive staff for any official lapse/high handedness.Instead ,he owned the responsibility for himself for such faoults.( Rajan case or ISRO espionage case or palmolein case.Both times he resigned from the covetted CM 's post and kept silent. Many of the dream projects like the Kochi CIAL,GCDA,Gosri project,Guruvayur railway line,Coastal railway line,FACT expansion project,Chavara KMMLKaloor stadium etc are standing monuments of his towering personality.He never spent crores from the exchequor to conduct Social contact programmes and give away some money as if by charity.Instead every one of his schemes was a golden gift to the entire Keralites benefiting them for centuries.He did not have so many of his personal staff involved in neck deep corruption.The leader genuinely believed that his duty was to work hard and the result comes from the Almighty.

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