Saturday, October 26, 2013

                                Mahalakshmi,thaa vannu,the poyi
It was in the early 1960s.One of my elder friends  was a skilled worker ( carpenter )who had a busy work schedule.His father and 2 brothers also were in much demand.He used to earn reasonably good daily wages with which he could look after his small family very well. His was a small thatched house  which needed much improvement.But by nature he was a  loudspeaker and  used to speak very highly of his  special skills and qualities.He had the habit of buying the Kerala lottery ticket s regularly and also using some liquor  after the days’work.
One day the news came that he won the  Rs 1 lakh prize of the Kerala lottery.All the local people were glad to hear the news as it wil help the man to modify his house.But the winner himself had other ambitious plans.He leased out a shop along the main road  by paying some deposit  and promising to pay regular monthly rent.As he wanted to keep his shop in a majestic way he bought some good racks,shelves and glass cases.Abig radio with a costly stand also was brought  to entertain the customers.All items usually required by the villge customers were ordered for.An attractive notice with his colour photo was also circulated.
                              The  sales  took a start on an auspicious day.There was light refreshment given to all the participants at the opening show.We were also happy to buy all items from the new shop,but did so only by paying ready cash,as insisted by our parents.The business flourished in his shop for a few months.He started to buy and sell  items on credit  with the hope of increasing the turnover.As there was good business he sopped going for daily work and donated his tools to another youth.
      But within a few months he complained to me that he was in need of funds for running the shop.Many local people who bought goods on credit failed to pay for it for months.As he had defaulted in payment  his creditors refused to give goods.Sad to say that he had to wind up the business even before the completion of 1 year,He procured some tools and restarted carpentry work .He used to say sadly that most of the villagers are his debtors.He also told that he doesn’t feel sorry as Mahalakshmi took away what She had gifted to him.

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