Monday, December 23, 2013

Dictatorship Vs Democracy

Dictatorship and democracy
Whether in the case of nations or institutions there can be 2 types of administration,democracy or autocracy (dictatorship ).There are any number of examples where both types of governance have succeeded or failed .
The advantage for democracy is that the beneficiaries ( the public ) have the chance of voting out an unacceptable team and electing a new team at the end of the term.Thus the question of eternal corruption/nepotism is ruled out.But in many cases it is the eloquence of the party leaders in misleading/disinforming/ the voters that decides the fate at the polls.If the voters are not that much alert there is every chance for a wrong selection.(Eternal vigilance is the price for democracy ).Once elected the rulers form a coterie with vested interests including some from the opposition and drain the nation’s (state’s ) wealth But they are clever enough to convince the public by their sweet words.On the other hand if a truly well meaning set of people form a party and come to power these crooks from all parties will try to extract the maximum advantage by fowl means.When such tactics fail they unitedly stall any legislation by the rulers .They will spread all lies to tarnish those in power.Finally the efficient /well meaning people will either resign on their own or earn the wrath of the people who simply believe the false allegations .In brief it is not really the programmes /policies implemented by a party but the eloquence of the vested interests which steels the mind of the people.
In an autocracy also the cutthroat will know how to manage things cleverly by getting the support of a few vociferous leaders ( eg our chief whip )and cheating the majority of the silent masses.If an enlightened autocrat comes to the throne ( eg Sir CP ,the former diwan of Travencore )the crooks will unitedly oppose him and instigate the people to dethrone him.
In brief in what ever form of government the ordinary citizen or Am Admi ( man in the street ) is the loser ( sufferer )

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