Wednesday, June 20, 2012

                 T P Chandrasekharan’s murder and the CPM
After the RMP leader’s murder,when pointers have been made against a few CPM activists,the party has vehemently denied these allegations.
They have issued several statements.In one it points out that none of the culprits belong to the CPM cadres.The party is not at all connected with this murder.The CPM has no issues  against  TPC which necessitates such a murder move.
In another it resists the attempt of the ruling UDF to get some CPM workers as culprits and the party would strongly resist such a malicious move.It will fight the case legally and politically.
Yet a third statement issued says if the enquiry at the party level reveals the involvement of any party activists, stringent action will be taken against such members.
The common man in Kerala is totally confused over these contradictorystatements.
Which is the real picture?As a cadre party with  a very strong mass base  and a well lubricated party machinery,it cannot be difficult for the party to  identify the real culprits.The party bosses have already a clear picture as to the involvement of any party cadres in the crime.If the party wants to retain its credibility among the people of Kerala,it should distance itself from the murder case.If the party takes action against those who are convicted by the courts,it will be seen as a vain attempt to retain the image of the party.   The party will be a heavy loser of faith in the people’s mind.Late administration of a medicine will have no effect on the patient.

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