Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In the recent past,there have been many instances where several politicians have trapped themselves in very awkward situations following the remarks  made during their public utterances.They have shown the ridiculous ( ? )response of denying their own speech or giving novel meanings  which reveals the shameless manner of disowning one’s own child.
       This tendency has not been limited to the ruling party or opposition leaders.Many of them who want to have a one upmanship have ignored the fact that their utterances are heard and seen live by lakhs of people.When there is a denial of these words by the leaders the very next day,even the hardcore supporters will feel  a delicacy in defending the leader.These leaders need not enrich our language with new meanings.Malayalam will remain a rich language if they do not make their RICH contributions.If their contributions are incorporated in our dictionaries Malayalam will have only slang words.
         The worth of a leader does not depend on the number of criminal cases registered against him/her for assaulting policemen,number of effigies they have burned,number of hartals or bundhs they have thrust on the people,or the   exhibition of their body parts in the assembly.It just depends on the consistent stand taken by them on each issue concerning the people  no matter whether the y are in the ruling party or opposition.When a situation warrants they have to express their genuine stand .Militancy in the parties will only increase corruption and misrule.An opposition party which terms  the fall of  a ministry by crossvoting by a member from the treasury benches as an example of  idealism and pro-,people stand ,does not endorse a similar action  when they  are in government.
    We have seen in the recent years how the atrocities against women have been handled by some eminent ( ? )leaders .They wage a crusade against the political opponents but keep mum  in cases where their own partymen are involved .
          It is hightime that the political parties give a study class to their leaders first , making them aware of the influence of the VISUAL MEDIA  among the masses.When you hear and see the recorded version of your own speech,don’t you feel ashamed ?The time of blind belief in anyp articularpartyisover.There is nothing like a solid vote bank.Just as the ozone depletion has led to the melting of ice ,the depletion of morality among political parties have led to the melting of confidence  by the people on the parties.
    Mobile phones/cameras,TV channels,surveillance cameras etc have added to your advantage and also responsibilities.Beware.ETERNAL VIGILANCE IS THE PRICE FOR DEMOCRACY.Let us be vigilant always and not blind followers. 

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