Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Excercise and diabetes

I am 68 now.For the last 4 years I am having PP blood sugar in the range 160 to 230.Though I was engaged in plenty of walking excecise along with walking was not practised..The sugar level was steady in the above range.For the past 3 months I practised some excercises along with the walk.Moving the hands ,rotating it horizontally and vertically,folding and stretching it and a bit of jogging was continued.I am happy to share with my friends the good news that the sugar level (pp ) has come down to 130 two days back.My doctor said that no medicines are required now.A very cheap treatment taking a small timegap from your day of 24 hours.My BP which was in the 160 (systolic ) and (8 ( diastolic ) has come down to 140-85 level which ,according to my doctor is within limits at my present age.SO PRACTISE EXCERCISE ALONG WITH WALKING AND STAY FIT AND SAVE A HUGE MEDICAL BILL

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