Sunday, January 11, 2015

On film PK

Why should the film be banned?Absolutely no.They have expressed their views in a particular style which may be endorsed by a few as legitimate.A few may ignore it as another comedy,while a few may wonder how people try to amass wealth by stooping down to any low level..In the Hindu tradition there have been no incarnation of Lord Vishnu not questioned or challenged by the evil powers of the day.Ultimately it was the turn of every one of these incarnations to have the last laugh.The evil spirits had their own deserving tragic end. Lord Shiva also had to face the wrath of several crooks who got boon from the Lord only to punish the almighty.But eventually what happened is known to every body.Jesus also had to face the evil powers of the day and was crucified but later worshiped as a divine personality.Prophet Muhammed also would not have been protected by his paid body guards, but on his own virtues of truth and philanthropy.The Almighty is not in need of any Z category protection from the mortal humans of a few years'life span,but want us to have a true and faithful life in the world to make our own presence here a cherished event by our own fellow beings.None of the ancient dynasties or colonial powers have survived to this day,but God is loved and depended up on by the humanity ,although in different forms.How can that almighty become one man's friend and another man's enemy.?

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