Sunday, January 11, 2015

A real leader

The example set by our PM Mr.Narendra Modi during his participation in public functions should be a lesson for our GREAT local leaders. When the PM is part of any public function ,he is physically present throughout the programme,so that he has first hand information about the deliberations there.He listens to others with patience and gets an idea about their genuine demands or ideas.As the CEO of the country he gets feed back through the different media.All the priority items will be included in the official projects.All these feed backs will find a place in his weekly interaction through the media.He never wastes his time on silly/petty matters.
Our tricky politicians ( both ministers and other leaders ) make it a point to attend all the big/small meetings in the state wasting crores of public money.They come very late forcing the organisers to delay the function, interrupt the speaker on the mike,make their VALUABLE speech(? ) and leave the dais soon after They never get a chance to really know even the purpose of that meeting

If the leaders minimise the public meetings and try to know the genuine demands of the public it will help to save much public money and improve the quality of public life.

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