Saturday, April 19, 2014

The ordeals in Social service

                                               The ordeals in Social service
When you address  any person in English you call him by the term ‘You’.But Malayalam gives you many graded terms like, Nie,Edo,taan, ninghal,anghu,taangal etc.
A few years back while I was active in community service I had the services of an old person in the community.One day he handled a particular job in an irresponsible manner  that led to much criticisms.As I was responsible for the day today activities I told him softly to be more cautious in future.” Anghu kurekoodi sraddhayode kaaryangal cheyyanam.Angekku ithu saaddhyamallengil parayanam .Njangalkku vere maargam nokkanam”.
Some of his relatives decided to use this as a weapon against me.They compelled him for days together to present this incident in an exaggerated manner.Though the old man was reluctant to speak a lie he was pressurized by the gang to obey them.At the next meeting of the community they raised the allegation that I had ill treated a nonagenarian soul .I asked him in what way I had done so.He kept silent for some time while the gang forced him to stand up and say the “TRUTH “ without fearing me.Finally he gave the text of my request to him.”Edo thanikku ee  pani pattillengil than irangi podo.Thanikku pakaram njangal  vere aaline vacholaam.”( something which I can /will /
never use towards any body )
I never had any doubt as to what should be the next step.I declined to accept the requests of the people to continue in the post.

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