Saturday, April 5, 2014

Narendra Modi ,India’s hope for the coming years


Narendra Modi had a very humble origin in a village in Gujarat.Even in his early years he had helped his family by running a railway teashop business.But along with this he had continued his studies and graduated in political science from Ahmedabad.He had the habit of wandering in the Himalayas and during one such journeys he visited the SRK Ashram ,Belur ( Kolkatta ).The visit to Belur was a turning point in his life.He got very much inspired by the man-making teachings  of SwamiVivekananda.He started reading all books on and by the great sage.Themix of life’s hardships,social experiences and spiritual knowledge became the pillar stones of Mr Narendra Modi’s way of life.
Mr.NM served the people a lot during the Gujarat floods in 1967 and realized the cruelest   experiences by his people.He felt the need  of standing for a righteous cause with utmost discipline.He joined the RSS and served as a pracharak for long.This gave him the exposure to the genuine problems of the masses.When Sri Jaiprakash Narayan started the Nav Nirman anticorruption movement in 1974,Mr NM got actively involved in that.Mr Modi joined the BJP in 1987 and was soon the  General Secretary of the Gujarat unit.During this time he conducted to long journeys,from Somnadh to Ayoddhya and from Kanyakumari to Srinagar ( J & K )
In 1995 he became the National Secretary of the BJP.This postion helped him to strengthen the party units in several important states.In 1998 he was appointed the National  GS of the BJP.
Following the tragic earthquake in Kutch in 2001,he was asked by the party leaders to take charge as the CMof Gujarat.He took charge on October 7th 2001 under  most trying circumstances.
The rest of his career goes like a suspense thriller.MrNarendra Modi had no prior experience in administration or contacting even an IAS officer.He had not even contested in any elections.He had never been to the State chief Minister’s office before.Such a person was put to lead a jumbo cabinet of 40 ministers.Not many in Indian politics would have had a similar fate.But as he was a beginner he could learn things without any bias or a need to unlearn the past.
As he was slowly coming to terms with the  quake relief work of 2001 ,came the Godhra  riots of 2002 which devastated the already crippledGujarat.This unexpected mishap brought out the best EVENT MANAGER in him.His motto was’ Don’t  dream  to become great on your own,but  dream to do something great for your people.’Good governance became the basic  principle  of his govt.He formulated many schemes for the inclusive development of the various sectors in the  state.Mr Modi advocated the philosophy of PANCHAMRUT for economic and social development.The 5 Shaktis ( power )w ere 1) Gyan Shakti ( education ),2) Jal Shakti ( water ),3)Urja Shakti ( energy ),4)Raksha Shakti ( Security ) and 5 )JanShakti ( people )laid the foundation for good governance in Gujarat in the later period.Hardly surprising that he led his party to thumbing victories in the 2002,2007 and 2012 elections.
Now Mr Narendra Modi continues to serve this whole nationwith a dream of leading India to greater heights in the years to come .21st century is Asia’s century and it is India’s turn to emerge as  the WORLD LEADER.For this the govt should have only one bhakti i.e.Bharat Bhakti and it’s strength should be Jan Shakti .As Swami Vivekananda said “Arise,awake and stop not until the goal is reached “

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