Monday, January 13, 2014

Our choice of a new Prime minister

Rahul   Gandhi  
This prominent leader and the Vice president of Indian National Congress was born on 19/6/1970.Though there was nothing special about the initial years of his education,the killing of his grand mother and the former PM Indira Gandhi  in 1984 and that of the later PM and his father Rajiv Gandhi in in 1991, he had to attend the schools and colleges in pseudonyms both within and abroad.He has  taken his MA and MPhil.For a brief period he had worked for some MNCs also.
It was in 2004 that he got involved in the party activities.He won the 2004 parliament elections from Amethi  and represents the same seat till now.The weight /image of the Nehru family is both an advantage and burden for him as any shortcomings in his approach /talk will get very much magnified. If he wants to lead the party and the country on his own merit, he has to do untiring efforts with a clean mind and dedication.  If he decides to   try for  his  chance at the 2019 elections   after getting fully equipped for handling the duties of the  top  job,he will be  a  much more effective  leader.
 Arvind Kejriwaal
He was born on 16/8/1968,After his schooling he took his engineering degree from IIT,Kharagpur.As he had a liking for the civil Services he passed the IRS and joined the Income tax dept and served as a Joint Commissioner.He has attended many seminars and meetings both in India and abroad.As a self disciplined  officer,he was totally against the widespread corruption in the service sector and outside. Because of  his strong convictions for anti corruption activities,he sought VRS in 2006 and formed the  India Against Corruption  organization and later the political wing,Aam Aadmi Party.With strong support from  all sections of the common people like students,young professionals ,ladies etc    he was able to touch the hearts of the masses and win the much fought out Delhi State elections,though slightly short of a clear majority.
Now the question is how far he will be able to go ahead with his /his party’s declared objectives/policies.As he is dependent on the INC for survival,he may have to take at least the INC legislators and convince them that he really wants only good governance for the welfare of the Delhiyists  and no anti INC steps.If he succeeds in that he can spread his party’s wings to more regions/states in the 2014 elections.
For  him also the  chair of  the Prime minister  may not suit now as he has to acquire proper skills to tame the wild beasts in the administration,both political/beaurocratic.
Narendra Modi
He was born on 17/9/1950.He was born to very average parents in Gujarat.In his early years of scooling itself he used to run a tea stall along with his brother  near a bus terminus in his home village.Though  an average student he was a very good debater.He became a full time worker in the RSS and soon  a pracharak.Meanwhile he took an MA in political science from Gujarat university.He was actively involved in the ABVP and also the BJP from day one of the formation of the BJP’s Gujarat unit.In 1998 he became the National secretary and handled the affairs of several states.When Mr Sankar Singh Vakela broke away from the BJP,along with his supporters,Mr Modi helped Sri Kesubhai Patel to become the CM.But in 2001Gujarat was struck fiercely by the Bhuj earthquake resulting in  untold loss of lives and properties in a few minutes.The handling of this tragedy was a herculean task.Though Mr Kesubhai tried his best to solve the miseries of the affected people there was widespread criticism.Hence the BJP leadership thought of alternative CM.Mr Narendra Modi told the top leaders that he will set everything in track at the earliest using all his efforts.As this convinced them,they put Mr Modi as the CM of Gujarat on 7th Oct,2001.
There were a series of incidents that tested the patience/statesmanship in Narendra Modi during the next few months.There was a concerted effort to destabilize the ministry and annoy the new/young chief minister.He worked overtime to mitigate the sufferings of the people due to the Bhuj earthquake.On 27th Feb 2002,the Godhra train arsonage took place killing 58 people.This followed the series of communal riots in Gujarat during the later period of 2002.Many people from both the Muslim and Hindu communities were killed.Mr.Modi came in for sharp criticism from many political leaders from several parties.He resigned as CM and the assembly was dissolved.But in the general elections held during 2002 end Mr Modi won 127/182 for his party and was put as the CM for a full term..Once he was assured of a comfortable majority he paid all his attention to assuage the ill feelings of all communities with a single minded vision of ‘Development of Gujarat ‘.He also paid keen attention to wipe out corruption  at all levels.
This sincere and honest efforts to create a ‘Vibrant Gujarat ‘has made Gujarat the most investor friendly state in India.Several global investors’meet have been organized at regular intervels with huge response being accorded every time.The benefits arising out of this spirited work is fully reflected in the people’s response in the subsequent state elections.( 2002-127/182.2007-122/182.and in the fiercely contested 2012 elections-119/182.)Even Muslim dominated areas voted for BJP.
Many of my friends who are leading entrepreuners in several parts of India including Kerala acknowledge that they get top services/sanctions for new units /in record time without bribery from the govt agencies in Gujarat.
 As a person who has made his indelible mark as an efficient and long serving CM of a major state in India,let us give a chance to Sri Narendra Modi to use his time and energies for the progress of India.His optimism is his greatest asset.

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