Thursday, January 9, 2014

Memoirs of a Septuagenarian

                                          Memories of a Septuagenarian 
I am entering my 70th year.( 1944-2014 ) The various facets of life should be undergone by every sensible person depending on his health and physical conditions.As far as my past is concerned I am quite satisfied with my own performance for my family and also for the people around me.I have  done full justice to whatever work has come to me on my own initiative or at the request of my associates.The final assessment about the quality of my work is to be made by the beneficiaries of such work and I leave it to them.All what I can say is I have done my duty with utmost honesty and sincerity.I sincerely thank all those who have helped me in the various projects I have handled for making the lives of our people more comfortable and less expensive.A few have misunderstood my motives.All what I tell them is  ,now I am  permanently out of their way  and they  can  have their own style.
 But one should not idle away his time .As long as health permits I will continue my social service in my own way.I  like to visit the various places of worship and other destinations of historical importance.In continuation of our past visits our next destination is Tanjavur and neighbouring areas of Tamil Nadu.I request my friends to pray for the successful completion of our tour programme so that I will be able to get good snaps of the things we come across during the journey and post them for the viewer  friends.

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