Wednesday, April 4, 2012


                                                               Know your nose
                          Of all the sense organs in our body  it is the nose that gets the scantiest regard.Though we care very much for our eyes and ears,we virtually neglect our nose.Even after we start wearing  glasses and hearing aids we have very little trouble with our nose.
     Have you ever spared time to think about the services rendered by this natural air conditioner ?Every day ,the average nose cleans and conditions about 530 cft of air,enough to fill a small room.Whether the day is chilling cold or fiercely hot ,this air conditioner delivers air at about the same temperature of 35oC and about 80% saturated.The nostrils clean out impurities before they can reach the lungs.This filtering of air is done in two stages.First a barrier of thick hair traps larger particles of grit and pollen.Anything that beats this hair growth comes in contact with the mucous membrane.To provide moisture for the air and to give a sticky coating to the membrane,the nose secrets nearly a litre of moisture every day.The sticky mucous traps the bacteria and kills them using the enzyme lysozyme.To keep the mucous fresh and sticky the nose produces fresh batch of mucous every 20 minutes .An army of microscopic brooms called  cilia ,poke through the mucous coating and with almost 1000 strokes per minute,sweeps the old mucous to the throat.This debris go into the stomach where digestive juices destoy most of these bacteria .
          Besides it’s  major role as air conditioner the nose also gives the voice resonance.It also identifies on an average 4000 different scents.In the case of blind and mute persons the nose is more sensitive and can detect nearly 10,000 different scents.

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