Monday, April 2, 2012

Fearlessness at it'speak

Who is tha man/woman without any conscience or fear ?After several days of intense analysis I got the answer.A person who swindles temple money is the one who should be most dreaded.His act of stealing or swindling temple wealth is one which is committed without even an iota of fear or rependence.All other thieves will offer a part of the stollen property to the God as an act of compensating for his "sin'.But a temple thief has no such prick of conscience.He is there looking for every opportunity to snatch away as much as he can by utilising every opportunity that comes on  his way.It may be by spearheading the various temple activities like holding festivals,Prasadam oottu,Counting of money from the Hundials.He is very clever in having innovative means of raising funds from the believers.In appearance he will be like a Siddhan wearing yogic dress,long beard and chanting God's names very loudly so as to get the attention of all Bhaktas.He will speak like a Godman and can easily trap most people.His true colour will come out secretly through manipulations against the people who know his ulterior motives and do not go with him.

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