Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lessons of Piravom bye election

                  Piravom bye election-its lessons
The much awaited results of the Piravom bye election have been declared and now is the time for all the concerned fronts and their leaders to assess the advantages and shortcomings which they had during the hectic 2-month old campaign.The top leaders of both the LDF and UDF had put high stakes in the poll by claiming the results of the poll to be an acid test of the performance of the OOmmen Chandy Government during the last 9 months.Now  that the people have given their verdict both the fronts should accept it.
Some main lessons from the election results are
1 ) The people here are not totally committed to any particular party or  front.They are concerned about the quality of governance that they get .
2) People (especially the youths crowd to hear the speeches of Sri VS not because they back him but due to the interest in hearing his adults only speeches which they feel is equivalent to viewing a blue film.It gives them a sudden ‘kick ‘.But that will never be converted to votes.
3) The kannoor style of running a party by protecting the erring leaders at all costs and tarnishing the opponents by abusing them by vulgar languages (through people like VS ,Pinarayi,Jayarajans etc) will not find takers among the voters here.For them all corrupt elements are to be treated alike irrespective of their party affiliations.
4) people here are able to see through the crooked tactics of using communal cards for electoral gains.Setting one community against another by injecting hatred will not help in the long run.
5)Preeches and practices of political leaders do not send the right signals to the people.Leaders  who amass in lakhs and preaching  about armed revolution is a comic scene.

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