Thursday, January 26, 2012

Declaration of holidays

The govt of Kerala has declared a holiday to mourn the death of Kerala governor Sri MOH Farooq.I feel that people are celebrating such holidays which are meant to show respects to the departed leaders.Therefore on such occassions no holidays should be pronounced.Instead ,as we do on 30th January (matyrs'day )there has to be a silent prayer for the departed soul and condolece meetings in offices with which the late person was closely associated.
               This practice will avoid the waste of public money and will help the functioning of offices without any hindrance.In fact the holidays shold be restricted to August 15,and October 2.Employees can be given 20 or 25 casual leave which will benefit them more.The present system leads to the demand for more holidays from several communal and regional groups .Government offices should work on 6days a week .During communal festivals people can get services from the offices which is precisely theobject.

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